Gretchen Baretto: “I Am Rich!”

gretchen baretto

Gretchen Baretto comebacks to her showbiz roots with a big bang of controversies. Reports over the Internet and newspapers said that Gretchen’s co-workers branded her as “demanding”. She was also implied to be a show off, parading all her expensive possessions and coming to the set with bodyguards and personal assistants. She was also criticized for bringing her own microwave oven to the shooting location.

And lately, she had a word war with her co-star in the latest Pantene commercial Dawn Zulueta. Dawn was reportedly irritated by Gretchen’s primadonna attitude. Gretchen unleashed her three words for Dawn—“I Am Rich!” Dawn allegedly returned Gretch with a three-worder, too—“I Am Married!”

Gretchen’s comeback movie is entitled “Matakot Ka Sa Karma” showing in the Metro Manila Filmfest this year. The diva is also our 58th Most Beautiful Filipina.

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