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Mr. World 2007 – Pictures and Videos

April 10, 2007 by  

The Mister World pageant has been successfully concluded last week with a stunning winner Mr. Spain and his runner-up Mr. Brazil who are also my top 2 picks for the title.

Unfortunately our delegate, Emmanuel Mago, didn’t make it to the Top 12. I don’t want to say “I Told You So” but i’m not always in favor of Mrs. Araneta’s picks (being the sole chairman of the judges, she’s responsible for the selection of winners for Bb. Pilipinas and Mr. RP-World). I think there are 4 or 5 guys who can represent us better in Mr. World and who have the chance to penetrate the semis.

I am also not in favor of Mrs. Araneta’s choice for the Miss Universe pageant. I know she picked the most intelligent girl but Miss Universe is no longer a “beauty and brains” pageant since Donald Trump took over the franchise. MU is looking for a stunning beauty that can grace the cover of swimsuit edition magazine, if you know what i mean. Interview is now the least important segment in the said beauty pageant. And the best girl for Miss Universe is Margaret Wilson.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Now that it’s out of my system, review the recently concluded Mister World pageant and you will discover the “type” of man they are looking for. And when we hold another Mr. World-Philippines contest, it should be a requirement to have a six-pack abs because this is the common denominator of this year’s semi-finalists. Hope we can learn from this so we will know what to look for in a contestant for the upcoming pageants to come.

Mr. Spain – the Winner of Mr. World 2007

Mr. Philippines – Emmanuel Mago

Mr. Spain – Beachwear Competition

Mr. Brazil – Beachwear Competition

The Top 3

View more photos and watch the videos after the jump…

Mr. Egypt – Beachwear

Mr. Puerto Rico

Opening Number:

Mr. World – Opening Number:

Mr. World Contestants – Group 1a

Mr. World Contestants – Group 1b

Mr. World Contestants – Group 2a

Mr. World Contestants – Group 2b

Mr. World – Beachwear Presentation

Mr. World – Top 5

Mr. World – Top 5 Interview

Mr. World – Announcement of Winners


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