Seiko Films’ “Silip” is Bringing Sexy Back in RP Cinema

Seiko Films, the film studio known for releasing sex-oriented movies in the 90's, is taking a long shot this year on their sexy movie Silip starring Polo Ravales, Francine Prieto and Diana Zubiri. The sexy movie genre, otherwise known as the TF (Titillating Films), died on the day SM Cinemas banned the showing of Rated R-18 movies on it's theaters nationwide. It's been a long time before the last sexy movie was shown in mainstream theaters and Seiko Films is taking a courageous move to bring "sexy" back in Philippine cinemas Director Joel Lamangan is hoping for an R-13 rating from the MTRCB so that Silip can be shown in all SM theaters nationwide. He said that Silip wasn't a bold movie and it's more of an artfilm. But the publicity stills speak otherwise because it showed the two sexy stars Diana Zubiri and Francine Prieto with their breasts exposed, and Polo Ravales showing his butt. Watch Silip's tailer and pictorial after the jump...

Silip – Trailer and Pictorial (Showbiz Central)

Video courtesy of Littlemorgann

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