The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela – Movie Preview

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela is a poignant movie from Iceland. It's a story of a naive but street smart Filipina transsexual prostitute who decides to travel in order to find her Prince Charming. (Watch the trailer after the jump)

Synopsis: “Raquela is a poor prostitute who, like many Transsexuals (often known as “Ladyboys”) in the Philippines, dreams of marrying a heterosexual man from the West. She spends much of her time on the internet looking for men who can come and rescue her. They promise to come, but time after time Raquela gets stood up at the airport.

“Her life changes when she by luck lands a job on Transsexual porn website as a webcam host.
The owner of the website, Michael, a “Ladyboy specialist” who runs his business from New York, promises to help Raquela.

“Through the internet Raquela keeps making interesting friends—among them is Valery, the only ‘out of the closet’ Transsexual in Iceland, who is looking for someone like herself.
Through her friends in the internet world Raquela eventually gets the opportunity to travel far away on her quest to find the straight man of her dreams.”

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela – Movie Trailer:

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