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‘M2M Masahe’ Video Scandal on Imbestigador

August 12, 2007 by  

M2M Masahe is an instructional video about massage techniques featuring four new models aspiring to enter showbiz. The video was approved by the MTRCB with an R-rating and is currently available in all record bars and video shops nationwide. The video contains a man doing full-body massage with another man with some occasional erotic scenes where both of them nude except the camera doesn’t show their private parts.

Apparently, in the DVD’s “bonus feature” there was a pictorial scene exposing their private parts that prompted the two models starring in it to go to Imbestigador. The Imbestigador team helped them file a complaint with the MTRCB who eventually reviewed the video for the second time. Ms. Laguardia, head of MTRCB, claims that the “bonus feature” wasn’t submitted to them by Videoflicks (the producer of M2M Masahe) and that they inserted it in the DVD without their knowledge and approval.

View some screencaps on the controversial video here.

Watch the videoclip after the jump…


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