Gee-Ann Abrahan is No. 20 Most Beautiful Pinay of 2007

Gee-Ann Abrahan (3rd Highest New Entry) >> PBB Housemate

Gee-Ann Abrahan

Gianina Maria “Gee-Ann” Sta. Maria Abrahan (born: November 6, 1985 in Quezon City) is a 21-year-old cheerleader from Quezon City. She was a former student of Assumption College San Lorenzo Makati. She is said to be a “mother” of eight “children” (actually dolls and stuffed toys) since age 6. The one she owned the longest, a baby doll called Pamela which is in her possession for 15 years, is taken along with her inside the house. She gave Pamela away on Day 63. Gee-Ann’s best friend in the house is Beatriz whom she is always on Gee-Ann’s side in times that other housemates are already degrading her. Gee-Ann as well is also known for her reserved demeanor and a devout Roman Catholic. On Day 126, she was proclaimed the fourth placer of the second season.

Last year’s no. 20 was Nikki Gil. Gee-Ann is the 2nd highest new entry this year. She received 528 votes in the Top 30 poll.

Erratum: Gee-Ann Abrahan is hte 3rd highest new entry instead of 2nd.

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