Jennylyn Mercado’s Irresistable FHM Pictorial

Last year, I've blogged about Jennylyn Mercado is FHM's Covergirl for January 2008. She told 24 Oras that it's the most daring pictorial that she has ever done. It was an opening salvo indeed for 2008 as Jennylyn Mercado shed off a little of her "wholesome" image as her FHM promotional photos came out. Little did we know that this is not yet the shocker that we are to witness. The shocking news was revealed Thursday afternoon as the potential "Next Darna" announced to the press that she's 6 weeks pregnant! Let's do the Math! It was December 10, 2007 when 24 Oras reported about Jennylyn's FHM pictorial which is probably done on the first week of December. This is the week Jennylyn's got impregnated by her boyfriend Patrick Garcia, hence it's her 6th week to date. With the "irresistable" photos below, we can't blame Patrick now can we?

Photos courtesy of FHM Philippines.

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