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Manny Pacquiao as Michael Jackson and some Aling Dionisia Jokes

July 18, 2009 by  

The king of the ring as the king of pop. You know.

Some Aling Dionisia Jokes that i collected:

Sa isang sosyalerang salon:

Gretchen: “I want my hair dyed jet black, cut it short and then treat it with lots of keratin extracts.”

Aling Dionisia: “I want my hair dyed gold, curl i to the fullest level then implant one diamond at the tip of every strand.:

Taob ang La Greta!

* * * * *

-Sa Las Vegas-

Waiter: May i take ur order, madam?

Aling Dionisia: Soup

Waiter: Chicken, asparagus, noodle, fish or soup of the day?

Aling Dionisia: Soup drenks!

* * * * *

‘you iS!’

‘you is!’

‘you is!’

-siGaw ni aLing dionisia pgdating sa Amerika. Andito na aq sa ‘you is!’

* * * * *

“Si Pacquiao ay magiting na mandirigma. Send this to 50 people or magiging kamukha mo si Aling Dionesia…Madami and dumedma dito at nagsisi.”

* * * * *

“Ang ganda ng bigas!” Iyan ang sabi ni Mommy Dionisia pagkagaling ng Las Vegas, Nevada.

* * * * *

If you have an Aling Dionisia Text Joke aside from the above posted, kindly share it naman on the comments section below for some comic relief. :)

VIDEO LINK: Aling Dionisia’s Ginebra TV Commercial


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