Kara David Braves the Killer Croc on ‘I Witness’

GMA's I-Witness episode this Monday is Kara David's documentary entitled "Kagat ng Buwaya" (Croc's Bite).

Earlier this year, a Grade 1 student from Agusan del Sur was reported to have been killed by a giant killer crocodile in the waters of Lake Mihaba in the Agusan marshlands. Witnesses claim that the giant crocodile is as big as a passenger bus, and it easily bit the girl’s head off while she and her friends were paddling their boat home. Award-winning journalist Kara David and her I-Witness team flies to Mindanao to investigate if there is truth to the story of the giant crocodile.

Upon her arrival in Agusan del Sur, Kara discovers that most of the residents have already evacuated their houses and moved to nearby villages. Schools are empty of students and the streets are bare of people, almost turning the whole barrio into a ghost town. Kara meets Jomar, a fisherman and one of the few remaining residents of the town, who brings her to the exact place where the victim’s body was found.

Kara also meets former residents of Lake Mihaba and learns that most of them are afraid to go back to their houses because of the crocodiles. Instead of fishing in the lake, they have chosen to work in farms despite the low income for fear of their own safety. To verify the crocodile accounts, Kara risks her own life and sails over the murky waters of Lake Mihaba in search of the killer crocodile.

Join Kara David as she searches for the truth behind the story of the killer croc in her gripping documentary “Croc’s Bite,” airing this Monday midnight on I-Witness after the late night newscast Saksi.

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