Angel Locsin is a Stunner in the 37th International Emmy Awards Red Carpet

She may have lost the Best Actress trophy to Julie Walters but our very own Angel Locsin is the winner on the red carpet.

Philippine superstar Angel Locsin graced the red carpet of the 37th International Emmy Awards which was held in Hilton New York for being nominated in the Best Actress category for her performance in the ABS-CBN fantaserye “Lobo” (The Wolf).

Unfortunately, Angel lost the trophy to England’s Julie Walters for the latter’s performance in A Short Stay in Switzerland. Walters is best known as Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter films and was also part of the musical movie Mamma Mia!.

Although she lost, Angel was said to be the most photographed celebrity of the night, the most cheered by fans and the Paparazzis adored her.

Here are some tweets from fans who were able to witness the event:

“THe EMMY staff were so excited….they were asking who the people were waiting for since there were a lot of fans waiting for GEL. Parang it’s the first time that they saw this ….Pati mga Americans were wondering who we were waiting for and they were waiting to see who the fans were waiting for din” – PinkBite

“Angel Locsin may not have won the best actress Emmy but she worked the red carpet and the Paparazzis adored her… Def Star of the Night” – Don Tagala

“She is the most photographed celebrity of the night and most cheered. When people came in they would say…’You’re waiting for the girl in the white gown right?'” – Pinkbite

“It was a relaxed atmosphere before GEL arrived…then when she came out of the limo…nagkakaguluhan na daw and SECURITY came out and blocked people so GEL can ENTER the RED CARPET…” – PinkBite

“I couldn’t get a good shot of gel since people were pushing and crowding around us….and Everyone wanted to get a shot of gel. I heard people saying..OH angel..the young one ..the pretty one!” – Pinkbite

CLICK HERE for a video of Angel Locsin at the red carpet of International Emmy Awards uploaded by a fan

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