Ryan Eigenmann Hosts QTV’s ‘Misteryo’

"Misteryo", hosted by Ryan Eigenmann, takes Reality TV to another level as it attempts to unearth the truth about various unexplained phenomena in the local scene.

Part of QTV’s formidable Sunday primetime lineup that has everyone talking, MISTERYO (10-10:30pm) captures on tape the spine-tingling encounters as Ryan tries to experience first hand that which many fear to face.

Popular for his character roles in some of GMA’s biggest hits like Captain Barbel, Etheria, and Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang Ryan, who is also currently in GMA Network’s Panday Kids, leaps into his new role as reality TV host with an open mind and a curious soul. His first assignment had him experiencing first-hand the tales of haunting in Baguio’s infamous Diplomat Hotel. With a believer and a skeptic assisting in the investigation, Ryan examined the hotel room by room and even volunteered to stay overnight. Did he encounter ghosts? Or did the mystery turn out to be as fictional as the characters he usually portrays?

The following Sunday, MISTERYO tackled the so-called Romblon Triangle, the Pinoy version of the Bermuda Triangle. Some people believe that the surrounding waters of Tablas Island in Romblon are unforgiving and indiscriminating, sinking small boats and large passenger ships alike. More than 40 ships have already fallen victim to the gigantic waves of Romblon. Could there be a mysterious force, other than Mother Nature, at work?

For its third episode, MISTERYO took on the horrors and revelations that an attempt to connect to the world of the spirits may bring. Ryan introduces viewers to Raymond Valera, a man who claims to not only see dead people but talk to them as well. Can seances help unravel the mysteries behind the case of the missing former PAGCOR Video Technician Edgar Bintain, and the tragic deaths of Ruby Rose Barrameda and the entire family of Pedro Baguion who were killed during the 2000 Payatas Tragedy?

An incubus is a type of demon who sexually assaults female victims during their sleep. During the fourth episode, as MISTERYO was conducting an investigation on these demons, an apparition seemed to have manifested itself not just to the paranormal team but also to host Ryan. What did Ryan see during the mirror gazing session? Will science be able to explain this phenomenon?

MISTERYO, backed by a team of paranormal investigators, also tried to uncover the mystery behind Victoria School in Cubao, believed to be the favorite haunt of white ladies, kapres and duwendes; as well as ghosts that allegedly made appearances in photos and videos, including those captured by the cameras of teams from GMA 7’s Emergency, Q’s Women’s Desk.

MISTERYO also tried to find an explanation for the chilling photo taken during the shoot of horror film Patient X. The picture showed Supervising Producer Joey Abacan with a shadow of a slender figure behind him. Could that shadow be a ghost captured on camera?

Compelling, chilling, thought-provoking, don’t miss MISTERYO (10-10:30pm) on the bigger and better Public Affairs lineup on Q’s Sunday primetime.

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4 Comments on Ryan Eigenmann Hosts QTV’s ‘Misteryo’

  1. Jose Tejares Ballesteros // May 8, 2015 at 3:31 pm //

    Your TV Program is unique. I have been following almost every episode, unfortunately,there seems to be no new episodes. I wish you had done some research on Enkantos as I have had true to life experiences with them. If you have the time kindly ask your good friends what they can say about a 2yr and 9 months old boy who plays with unseen elements and who has seen a boy who died in a car accident though the incident occurred some time ago. txt me 09202882891 thanks.

  2. maraming salamat sa pagbasa……….

    salamat po…….

  3. pakiramdam ko papatayin ako ng lahi ng husband ko…

    ibajay aklan lahi nanay husband ko….

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    napapirma nya me kahit ayuko…..HALIMAW nasa isip ko.
    pagtingin ko sa lalaki tao naman sya ! kaya napangiti me
    sa kanya.
    sabay yuko me ,kuha ballpen, sabay pirma !…..

    paano na now ate ANNA @ KUYA ALEX…

    mahirap ipaliwanag…
    pero kapag makausap ko kayo sure ako maniniwala kayo sakin at matulungan nyo me…

    samalat …….

  4. i remember tapik ,bulong ,and eyes…..

    nangyari sakin yan last january 2004 ….

    bigat katawan me now….

    i want justice….kasal me bigla sa husband ko ….

    kulam ata ako husband ko @ halimaw ata lahi nanay nya !

    humihingi me panlaban sa tapik , bulong @ eyes.

    sana matulungan nyo po ako……silip na lang me uli dito ..
    f nabasa nyo sir RYAN message ko…..thanks

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