Spotlight: Lance Christopher of Gimik 2010

Get to know Lance Christopher, one of the new cast in Gimik 2010: The Reunion.


How do you handle your popularity now?

Lance: I don’t see myself as popular. I try to maintain my looks and I just try to watch my moves in the public and be friendly.

Did you audition for this?

Lance: oo, siguro mga three or two and keep getting the call back and finally we’re named the cast.

How are you discovered?

Lance: Well. Its was kind of an accident. My cousin told me to go to PBB Teen Auditions with her. Tapos nakita nila ako and told me to auditon na. I’m alaso a part of the Star Magic Batch 16. so, I’ve been waiting all this time until now.

Ano ‘yung mga roles ninyo dito sa Gimik?

Lance: Ako ‘yung bida ng G boys. Ako rin ‘yung pinkasikat sa school, team captain ball, hindi ako ‘yung pinakamayaman sa group, ako ay middle class citizen and surviving of a basketball scholarship sa school. I’m the nephew of Juday.

How do you see yourself two or three years from now?

Lance: I just want to improve every step of the way and I want to known as a successful actor, I don’t mind not being on the top, as long as I am successful it is ok with me.

How are you preparing for the tagalog scenes?

Lance: I’ve been talking to a lot of people in tagalong like my driver because he can’t speak English. Parang I’m getting used to it. When I play basketball on the court, tagalong ang salita ko.

What is your dream role?

Lance: Ako gusto ko action.

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