Kara David Goes to Japan For Part 2 of OFW Diaries Anniversary Special!

This Friday, after Saksi on GMA Network, join Peabody Award winner Kara David for part 2 of the first anniversary special of OFW Diaries.

It’s cherry blossom season in Japan and it’s said to be one of the most festive times in the country. Kara goes to Japan not only to witness the event but also to visit some of the Filipinos living and working in the ” Land of the Rising Sun. ”

Mayang Nihei, a Nueva Ecija native, is a former entertainer who strove to turn her life around. She later married a Japanese man and came to help him run the sushi bar business. And because of her hard work, she now has a sushi bar to call her own.

But her life took a sad turn when her youngest child was diagnosed with cancer. When the child recovered from the disease, Mayang decided to help her kababayans in need. She founded the Japan Association of Nueva Ecijanos (JANE), which helps raise funds for charity projects in Nueva Ecija. Mayang went on to receive recognition from her kababayans in Nueva Ecija for her efforts.

In another part of Japan, a group of professionals – marine scientist, semi-conductor researcher, English teacher, and theater performer – gather to relieve the stress from their daily lives. They may come from different fields but they all share one thing – a love for music. They formed a band, called TAMPIPI and dedicated themselves to expressing their sentiments. According to them, it helps them cope with stress and homesickness.

Join Kara David as she visits Japan and talks to Pinoys in the “Land of the Rising Sun” this Friday, after Saksi, on GMA Network!

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