Mickey Ablan on Iwa Moto: ‘For the Last Time, I Love You’

Mickey Ablan and Iwa Moto‘s love story is filled with what we would like to call “romantic violence.” From the “agawan ng cellphone” incident at the GMA-7 compound that ended with Iwa breaking Mickey’s car’s window to Mickey’s barging on the Kapuso star’s house last Sunday morning, kicking on her door and window when he didn’t find her there.

And now Mickey claims he did all that stuff out of love.

Mickey broke his silence on his controversial quarrel with Iwa via a recent PEP interview. He said, “Wala akong balak na takutin or everything. Ang akin lang, na-miss ko lang si Iwa. Out of love ‘yun. ‘Yun lang na instance na ginawa ko ‘yun.”

He also posted a long tweet revealing that despite his “rough” exterior, he has his “soft” side:

“Needs to get my life back… How? Where will I start? I thought going out and making a wreck of myself would be a start but it only made situations worse. Got to keel focusing in training nalang siguro…and fight in the ring or octagon. Prove something to myself…I’m not going to be selfish anymore, guess that would be a good start. I miss my life, I miss everything about it, miss the late nights that and early mornings when I would pick you up at work… I’m sorry for everything… I’m not a rock, I have feelings that most people won’t expect how soft I am… for the last time, I love you… You know who you are… I will always remember you as someone special to me and my fa-mily… Love you boss :(”

Followed by…

“Sometimes you need to get hurt to move on as in really hurt. Hear what you’re not suppose to hear, know what you’re not suppose to know. Shouldn’t have listened to that phone call… If me-ron word na iba para sa ‘hurt’, mas grabe pa ‘yung nararamdaman ko… Haaay.”

There are rumors that Mickey is being sent abroad by his parents to avoid ex-girlfriend Iwa Moto. But based from his tweets, it seems like he still has feelings for the Kapuso actress and longs to reunite with her.

Will he follow his heart or his family’s command?

4 Comments on Mickey Ablan on Iwa Moto: ‘For the Last Time, I Love You’

  1. Anonymous // May 28, 2011 at 12:34 pm //

    Ganyan dn bf k pg away kmi n I tel him break n kmi,tinatakot akong gagawa ng exena prang tinatkot k gnun.I UNDRSTAND IWA,its gud lumlaban xa.

  2. ANG PIC SA ITAAS MUKHANG MATURE CONTENT // May 27, 2011 at 12:53 pm //

    Actually, it shows they are perforing MMA (mixed martial arts). Walang dapat ikabahala sa pic na yan.

  3. ay kahit ako papaiwa din ako kay mickey. hahahaha. ang sarap ni mickey ah. hey, mickey youre so fine, youre so fine, you blow my mind, hey mickey! hey hey hey… hey mickey!

    you blow… my mind. hahaha.

  4. marianasshole // May 26, 2011 at 2:24 pm //

    iwang iwa na ang iwa ni iwa moto..

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