Mario Maurer Topbills Horror Flick ‘Bangkok Ghost Stories’

Mario Maurer has a horror movie to be shown in the Philippines before his anticipated visit in the country.

Mario Maurer

Mario Maurer topbills “Bangkok Ghost Stories,” also known in Thailand as “Rahtree Reborn” (Buppha Rahtree 3.1). The Thai heartthrob plays the role of a boy who fell in love with a dead girl.

Here is the synopsis of the movie:

Surrounded by tranquility of the apartment, a horrible spirit in the room 609 is lurking, and going to be awaken. This time the terrors are triplex.

It is time for Oscar apartment to renovate after the death of the former owner. Now, it’s J’Sam who takes over the whole business and stealthily turns the third floor into an illegal casino. Meanwhile, Rang, a handsome guy who has a job as horror cartoonist moves in for a personal reason. As Rang has a supernatural ability to see ghost, he finally meets Buppha, a mysterious girl who lives in the room 609. Soon, He falls in love with her.

When love is blind, Rang isn’t aware that his crush indeed is the haunting and dangerous spirit that he needs to avoid. But he is too late when his sweet dream turns to nightmare as Buppha is now on the rage again.

And the bloody horror love story begins…..

Here is the original movie poster of “Bangkok Love Stories”:

Bangkok Ghost Stories opens in Philippine theaters on September 7, 2011.

Watch the trailer here:

9 Comments on Mario Maurer Topbills Horror Flick ‘Bangkok Ghost Stories’

  1. i love you mario // July 25, 2014 at 11:44 am //

    ang cute mo naman sana maging tayo balang araw

  2. its nice, hm i watch it, or i buy dvd to watch it

  3. wow what a nice movei, im gonna watch it, hmmmmmm. thailand people are very good in making a a horor movie,

  4. Dolly Pop! // September 9, 2011 at 4:15 pm //

    Saw this movie two days ago and it was such a disappointment. Except for a couple of humorous stints and “gulat” factor, the movie bored us to death. We just wanted to see how the movie would turn out that’s why we stayed until the CBB rolled.

    Im sorry too, dear author, ’cause your synopsis doesn’t match the story.

  5. mark glen gene p. natural! // September 9, 2011 at 10:57 am //

    Nice! showing n 2 db… I’m gonna watch it!

  6. OMG scared

  7. i’am going to watch it . I love it!

  8. saw this movie literally minutes ago xD .. I loved the humor mixed with the scary bits.. Felt a bit lacking in terms or resolution but meh.. 8.5/10

  9. i’m going to watch his movie, when it is showing in our country,. :D

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