Miss World 2011 Final Question – ‘Why Should You Be the Next Miss World?’ (Transcript and Video)

Miss World 2011 Final Question: Why should you be the next Miss World? Check out the speech (answer) of each of the 7 finalists in their attempt to convince the judges to give them the coveted crown.

Miss World 2011

In 30 seconds…

Miss Korea, Kyung Min Doe, said:

“I think that women should raise not only their outer beauty but also their inner beauty and talents. I believe that by helping people using these talents it is able to make a difference in this world …Be the change if you want to make a difference in this world.”

Miss Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos, said (via an interpreter):

“I believe that the next Miss World should be a woman of sensibility and reason. I believe the woman should be committed to the organization to help people in need, a beauty with heart.”

Miss England, Alize Mounter, said:

“I have had the most life-changing experience this past few weeks and it really has made me learn that I do actually have the quality that Miss World should have. I believe I’m kind, genuine, down-to-earth girl and I like helping others and making people smile…”

Miss Philippines, Gwendolyn Ruais, said:

“To be Miss World is my dream job, and I say job because it has a lot of responsibilities but there’s nothing I love more than communicating with other people. As Miss World you get to use your potential and your voice to help people from all around the world, and what is more wonderful than doing what you love by helping others.”

Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Perez, said:

“What does it take to be Miss World…it takes sympathy discipline and the willingness to help others…and I believe I possess all these qualities. If I were chosen I would work endlessly so that people that didn’t have the opportunities that I have had can accomplish their dreams and I would live eternally grateful for being able to represent that undefinable thing that is beauty and positive impact they can have when it is used with a purpose.”

Miss South Africa, Bokang Montjane, said:

“I believe that Miss World is a young woman of integrity, someone who is compassionate, someone you can take to Europe, to Africa, to South America and she can feel at home. A young woman who believes that she can be a part of the solution to the problems that are taking place in her country and even in the whole entire world. Having said all of the above, I’d just described some of the qualities that I have and that is why I believe I should be Miss World for the year 2011.”

Miss Scotland, Jennifer Reoch, said:

“Over the last few weeks, I have been preaching to newspapers to television about the fact that Miss World is so much more than just standing on the stage looking pretty, that there’s beauty with a purpose element to it, that you’ve got to have talent, you’ve got to have intelligence and there’s lot of qualities that I would like to prove that I’m not just all talk…and these qualities are something I believe I possess.”

Watch the video here:

Here are the results of the 61st Miss World pageant on Sunday held at the Earls Court Two in London…

Miss World 2011:
Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos

1st Runner Up:
Philippines, Gwendoline Ruais

2nd Runner Up:
Puerto Rico, Amanda Vilanova

Top 7

England, Alize Lily Mounter
Korea, Kyung Min Doe
Scotland, Jennifer Reoch
South Africa, Bokang Montjane

Top 15

Indonesia, Astrid Ellena
Italy, Tania Bambaci
Kazakhstan, Zhanna Zhumaliyeva
Spain, Carla García
Sweden, Nicoline Artursson
Ukraine, Iaroslava Kuriacha
United States Virgin Islands, Esonica Veira
Zimbabwe, Malaika Mushandu

Top 30

Australia, Amber Greasley
Botswana, Karabo Sampson
Brazil, Juceila Bueno
Canada, Raquel Santos
Chile, Gabriela Pulgar
Guatemala, Lourdes Figueroa
Hungary, Linda Szunai
India, Kanishtha Dhankhar
Japan, Midori Tanaka
New Zealand, Mianette Broekman
Paraguay, Nicole Huber
Russia, Natalia Gantimurova
Serbia, Milica Tepavac
Saint Barthelemy, Johanna Sansano
Trinidad and Tobago, Lee Ann Forbes

Continental Queens

South Africa – Bokang Montjane

Venezuela – Ivian Sarcos

Asia & Pacific:
Philippines – Gwendoline Ruais

Puerto Rico – Amanda Vilanova

England – Lily Mounter

Fast Track Events:

Beach Beauty Winner: England
Top Model Winner: Kazakhstan
Talent Winner: Chile
Sports Woman Winner: Dominican Republic
Beauty with a Purpose Winner: Tie: Ghana and Indonesia

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