Ramgen and Janelle Private Video Leaked by Ramgen’s Siblings?

Ramgen and Janelle’s private video has became the first scandal of 2012 when it was leaked online a couple of days ago.

The video features the late Ramgen and Janelle Manahan, both naked, doing the deed inside the bathroom.

Janelle Manahan’s camp is suspecting Ramgen’s siblings as responsible for the leakage of their private video in order to silence Janelle from testifying against them with regards to the Ramgen murder case.

Janelle’s lawyer Atty. Luke Espiritu said Ramgen’s siblings have all the access to Ramgen’s personal belongings including the laptop computer where the private video was taken.

“They have the motive. Why? Because the effect of this sex video is precisely in order to harass Janelle Manahan,” he told the media.

Ramgen’s mother, Genelyn Magsaysay, reacted to the accusation.

“Kapag nakita namin ‘yun siguro mas lalong itatabi pa namin ‘yun, hindi namin ‘yun ilalabas kasi kawawa naman ‘yung bata, patay na ‘yung anak ko nasisira pa,” she said.

Ramgen’s family, on the other hand, are pointing fingers to the police department handling the murder case and claim that the laptop is under their custody.

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