Al Galang vs Edward Mendez: Who is Hotter?

Al Galang and Edward Mendez have one thing in common: They're both being romantically linked to the country's top cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo.

Al Galang is a 28-year-old Bikram Yoga Instructor. He stands 6’11”

Edward Mendez is a 28-year-old fitness director. He also stands 6’11”

Both Al and Edward are both being rumored of having (or had) an affair with Vicki Belo, the reason why the high-profile cosmetic surgeon broke up with her fiance, Hayden Kho.

When asked by the media about their link to Belo, both answered the popular showbiz cliche: “we’re just friends.”

But if you’re hair is as long as Belo’s, who will you pick between the two English-speaking hunks. And who is hotter?

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