‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’ International TVC Launched on CNN

The Department of Tourism released on Monday, April 30, the international TV commercial for the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" campaign on CNN.

The TVC runs for 30 seconds and it features selected “It’s More fun in the Philippines” online posters which became viral in various social networking sites since the launch of the campaign last January.

Made by various Filipino netizens, featured on the online posters are popular tourist destinations in the country like the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, the rice terraces in Cordillera, the sky blue waters of Boracay, the underground river and the limestone islands of Palawan.

The said TVC, which featured disco house song ‘Barbra Streisand’ by Duck Sauce with rap by Pinoy Black Eyed Peas member, ended with the question “What will you come up with?”

A short version of the campaign, which runs only for 15 seconds, features footage of the iconic Philippine Tarsier with the caption, “Staring Contests. More fun in the Philippines.”

Watch the TVC here:

3 Comments on ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’ International TVC Launched on CNN

  1. steveven king // May 10, 2012 at 8:36 pm //

     My God most of this is all lies the one who caught my attention also the prison are more fun in the Philippines loll they are about 68 per cell with no food no beds they sleep on the floor if their family don’t provide for them they get sick and don’t eat IS THIS FUN? Also nothing i saw in this video pictures the real life in the Philippines lets start with when foreigners land here they have to pay visa fees wich are very expensive then where are all the beggars? where ever you go if you are a foreign National beggars go after you sometimes they are so many you need to tell the guard to make way only to get out of a 7/11,where are the many Children sleeping on the street .Many children and in many cases you have whole families so poor they have no where to go so they sleep on the streets

    Where are the real peoples i mean the one living in squatter areas? where are the PnP Philippines National Police one this is sure when Police here need money they go after foreign Nationals put them in jail for all kinds of reasons to ex-torque money its an every day practice here Frame ups  sometimes costing up to millions of pesos in exchange of their release if not they go to jail without any support of there embassies because the Embassies don’t get involved  and police know that!

    Where are the Killers like Mark dizon from Sanfernado La unioun who killed 9 Peoples in Angeles City A Canadian and his wife an UK and his girlfriend an Americain and his Filipino wife including two Filipino maids and a and a Korean national all killed by one man who is still in a very slow ongoing trial Where they are thinking of releasing him  for lack of evidence when the true fact is his rich family is paying the courts? where are the Filipino screaming (you are a foreigner go back to your place?) yes many will attack foreign Nationals because they know that they cant defend them self if they do the PNP is called and Extortion is paid to that same Filipino who provoke and attacked the foreign national to start with!

    Why does a Former Police go out and take hostage of a bus full of Chinese nationals and kills them all on television?It can be a very Dangerous place here you always have to watch out for the unexpected!

    where are the every day power outages?sometimes it goes on for a few days without electricity even dough we pay the highest power bills of all of Asia!

    Now i did not see anything about the sex trade ?where are all the Bars and girls selling themselves in the sex trade industry ?all over the Philippines Cebu,Manila and provinces all have it but lets talk about the most well known place they call in Sin City Angeles city on one street named fields avenue at hundreds of Bars one next to the other acting like legal Pimps mostly ran by foreign Nationals many German ,Australians and now Koreans where thousands of girls work  and are being sold for sex?they call it Party animal now use to be bar fine where a customer walks in pays the bars and takes off with the girl in exchange for sex where is this in the more fun in the Philippines ah?

    Where do you see in the video the Children 6 and 7 if not younger in forced labor working in the streets even has flower girls and such till early morning hours ? i can do my own video of the true Philippines and you will see its nothing like this one

     Yes i am Filipino and i love my Country Yes its a beautiful place But the Corruption and increasing Poverty is destroying our way of life these are matters that should be taking care of !the waste majority of Filipinos are good hearted peoples But our governments should take care of whats really taking place here!   

    Do not make it fake but make it real! Just my opinion!

  2. Coolchx // May 2, 2012 at 12:03 am //

    bobo ka te? panuodin mo ung video. 

  3. Hotsexhoney66 // May 1, 2012 at 10:19 pm //

    boring namn sana hnd lng photo ang inapload sana yong gumagalawa ang video,

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