‘Revenge of the King Cobra’ on Cinema One this Sunday

Hearts will pound as Cinema One presents the horrifying film, “Revenge of the King Cobra”, this Sunday (September 16).

The 2010 Thai film comprises of young stars such known for their appearance in films like “The Dumb Die Fast, the Smart Die Slow”, “Shutter”, “Still” and “The Intruder”. The story revolves around an apartment building which was once a cobra habitat. A reporter and the apartment owner will soon face danger as they try to investigate the mysterious deaths of the tenants. Unbeknown to them, hundreds of cobras appear each night seeking for revenge.

The film was praised by an Asian film reviewer, stating that the movie is a “horror with a bite”. He admired not only the bizarre yet terrifying plot, but also the process the crew underwent in filming. “While ‘Piranhas’ used computer-generated man-eating fish, ‘Revenge of the King Cobra’ used real cobras,” the reviewer shared.

Don’t miss “Revenge of the King Cobra” this Sunday (September 16), 8:00 p.m., only on the number one cable channel in the Philippines, Cinema One, available on SkyCable Gold, SkyCable Silver and other quality cable operators. For more information and updates, log on to

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