Atom Araullo Probes the Paranormal in ‘Pinoy True Stories: Hiwaga’

Join broadcast journalist Atom Araullo as he gets to know the truth behind the stories of mystery to find solutions to problems that haunt fellow Kapamilya in the premiere offering of “Pinoy True Stories: Hiwaga” this Friday (Dec 7) on ABS-CBN.

Get to meet Kim who has a history of spirit and elemental encounters.

When he was just a kid, Kim was nearly abducted by a blue-skinned boy posing as his “kuya.” When he is alone at night, a lady suspected of being a succubusalo comes to him and calls out for him to die.

And he isn’t alone in these encounters because his mother and sister are also plagued by disembodied voices and strange happenings that paranormal investigators suspect are the doings of earth elementals, a jealous and angry spirit, and a black lady that craves family-love.

What is the true story behind the paranormal activities occurring in their household?

Don’t miss the premiere offering of “Pinoy True Stories” in “Hiwaga” this Friday (Dec 7), 4:45 p.m. after “A Gentleman’s Dignity” on ABS-CBN. For updates on the program, visit

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