Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz – The Buzz Magazine February 2013 Cover

Popstar Sarah Geronimo reveals in the February issue of The Buzz Magazine how she is starting to be more independent and shares her thoughts on her recent projects and heartaches.

The Buzz Magasin

Sarah will talk about her third team up with John Lloyd Cruz in Star Cinema’s “It Takes A Man and A Woman”. She will also tell stories about her recent overseas trip with her friends without her mommy Divine.

In her six-day trip in Brazil, Sarah shared her experience on how it felt to be in a foreign country for the first time, “I was a bit nervous but I told myself that I will take this as a challenge. I need to learn to conquer my fears because I’m not getting any younger,” she said.

The Buzz Magazine also contains juicy gossip, blind items and updates on your favorite artists like Kris Aquino, KC Concepcion, Julia Montes and the hot young loveteam of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla who are gearing up for their upcoming movie under Star Cinema.

Buy your copy of The Buzz Magazine for only P70, now available at bookstores and newsstands nationwide.

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  13. I have to say, you summed up my thoughts on the movie perecftly. And you remembered the same details I did about Sherlock (even though it’s been YEARS since I read him). Also, the WHAPOW! made me laugh hard.

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