Olay Conversations with Mons Romulo

The Hard Questions. The Real Answers. Her Deepest Truth. Watch the exclusive first wepisode of "Olay Conversations" presenting the story of Mons Romulo, and hosted by Boy Abunda.

Boy Abunda and Mons Romulo

Can something beautiful ever come out of pain, the type of pain that tears you apart? Unimaginable pain that would change your life and your whole person.

Mons Romulo is one woman who experienced such pain and emerged from it triumphant and beautiful. After her 21 year old marriage broke apart she faced this hardest trial in her life and found out that in finally letting go, she would find the peace and happiness that she has never experienced in her whole life.

Mons Romulo‘s story is the very embodiment that beauty can be one’s sweet triumph from pain.

Share your reaction and questions with us and join in the intimate Olay Conversations. Challenge what’s possible!

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