‘Balut Radio’ Cracks Online

A revolutionary digital music distribution platform in Asia has been hatched! TV5 launches "Balut Radio," an internet pure play platform that has more features than any existing radio station can offer, with the biggest compilation of OPM and international music, and even news and public service information.

Balut Radio

The new destination for listening to all your favorite Pinoy and international music, your favorite DJ’s and important news is just one click away. Whether you want to listen to classic love songs or the latest Pinoy Pop hits or even weather, sports, business and traffic updates, you will find it here.

“Balut Radio” offers many channels of music and more including news from Radyo 5 and video from live concerts and in-studio sessions from the Philippines biggest stars and up and coming artists. It’s designed to give you the best radio listening experience.

So register now at to create your own custom channel and be your own DJ!

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