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Ariella Arida Wins Miss Universe Philippines 2013

April 15, 2013 by  

Ariella Arida, Binibini #41, was crowned Miss Universe Philippines (formerly called Bb. Pilipinas-Universe). She will represent the country in this year’s Miss Universe pageant.

Ariella Arida

Aside from beating 49 other candidates for the coveted title, Ariella Arida also won Best in Swimsuit.

The 24-year-old BS Chemistry graduate from UP Los BaƱos received the following question from Dir. Gen. Allan Purisimo: “Give one lesson about life that women can teach men.”

Arida’s answer: “One lesson in life that we women can teach men is being sensitive because we all know that men are more logical when it comes to decision. They are usually rational and straighforward but we women, we use our heart and we tend to be emotional in our decisions so that’s it for me, sensitivity is what we women can teach to men.”

Meanwhile, here are the other winners of Bb. Pilipinas:

Bb. Pilipinas-International 2013:
Bea Rose Santiago, #20

Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism 2013:
Joanna Cindy Miranda, #16

Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational 2013:
Mutya Johanna Datul, #39

1st Runner-Up:
Pia Wurtzbach, #15


One Response to “Ariella Arida Wins Miss Universe Philippines 2013”

  1. John Paul Apellado RN on May 28th, 2013 9:48 pm

    Oh well! BBP ORG. had done a great job this year. I hope PIA could join next year and win MISS U Philippines. ARIELLA should not only work hard, but also have the heart of a true beauty queen. And if she has the qualities to impress the judges of MISS U without trying hard she could win. LINDA BEMENT 1960 MISS UNIVERSE was plumb, yet I believe she had the heart and the taste of a true beauty queen.

    So my message to ARIELLA ARIDA is, “Do not fight against the other women, but rather prove to the judges that you want ONE UNIVERSE, ONE NATION, ONE THOUGHT”. I guess this is how should a MISS U THINK, in order for her to be really MISS U.

    I am not hoping that she will neither win OR lose. What I am wishing is that SHE SHOULD REALISE THAT SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE. AND THEN SHE WILL WIN.

    ARIELLA please think to yourself that you are the most beautiful person in the universe. Just like what you always say, “What you think, you become.”

    Ariella think that you are the most beautiful person in the UNIVERSE.

    I cannot wait for you to sign my autograph book, if you win. (“,)

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