Balut Radio Exceeds 10,000 Listening Hours in Just 2 Weeks

A mere two weeks after its live open Beta launch, Balut Radio ( already made quite a splash among Pinoy netizens—having registered nearly 1,500 listeners and logged over 10,000 online listening hours. With these milestones, the music streaming site is quickly establishing itself as the new digital home of Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

Balut Radio Title Card

Balut Radio is the first site of its kind in the Philippines, being dedicated to streaming OPM at all times. The site allows users to control the music they listen to, as well as what they are able to share over social media. With Balut Radio, Pinoys can finally enjoy free streaming of some of the country’s best music.

Ultimately, Balut Radio provides Pinoy netizens the opportunity to re-discover the best of OPM across its different sub-genres. With the site’s themed songcasts, they can either reminisce with classic chart-toppers or explore what up-and-coming talents are contributing to the country’s already-rich music industry. Balut Radio takes music streaming up a notch with a dedicated news and information channel so that Pinoys remain in-the-know.

Through Balut Radio, TV5 extends its online and digital offerings which include online news portal, digital go-to girl, and the PBAonAKTV app available for Android. The Kapatid Network is optimistic that through its digital innovations, more Filipinos will continue to embrace the digital lifestyle with the increasing demand for on-the-go information and services.

According to Project Head Martin Andanar, the site reflects the Filipino’s distinct musical tastes. “Balut Radio will cater to the different moods and music preferences of Filipinos all over the country as the site grows,” he said. “We are also considered how Pinoys behave online in putting the site together. With Balut Radio, listeners are able to go beyond social media sharing—they can recommend and dedicate songs to their loved ones,” he added.

Further to the list of services on Balut Radio is the site’s level of personalization. Balut Radio allows listeners to create their own songcasts based on their mood and for different purposes. The site also adjusts the audio streaming bitrate to the available network bandwidth, providing listeners a smooth, continuous listening experience.

Andanar and the rest of the Balut Radio team are looking forward to exciting things in the site’s future, teasing at an even more extensive music library featuring some of the country’s most sought-after artists. He added that Balut Radio could very well be the online breeding grounds for independent OPM artists.

To keep track of updates related to Balut Radio, more information is available on its official Facebook page ( and Twitter account (@BalutRadio).

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