‘Showbiz Police’ Puts the Latest Showbiz Intrigues Under Arrest

TV5 Does It Harder: No showbiz controversy will remain hidden as TV5’s newest showbiz talk show, Showbiz Police, puts a watchful eye on the entertainment industry.

Sat 6PM - Showbiz Police

Hosted by Raymond Gutierrez, Direk Joey Reyes, Lucy Torres-Gomez and Cristy Fermin, Showbiz Police will probe on issues and provide in-depth analysis to the hottest controversies involving celebrities and prominent personalities.

Showbiz Police will premiere on Saturday, September 14, 6:00pm on TV5.

Watch the teaser here:

4 Comments on ‘Showbiz Police’ Puts the Latest Showbiz Intrigues Under Arrest

  1. bat pa kunuha ng TV5 si cristy fermin??!! kaya nga natanggal sa Dos kasi unethical!! anu ba yan

  2. tanggalin nyo si Cristy Fermin at Willie Revillame sa TV5 sigurado aangat kayo. Nadadamay ang TV5 sa bad karma ng dalawa.

  3. Style BULOK! // September 10, 2013 at 7:48 am //


  4. i’m sure this will be biased as well.. that’s what showbizz central flopped because they are so afraid to hurt someone’s feelings.. which is why the buzz reigns.. they need to follow the same footsteps ..kris certainly did not give a nooono whoever ang masagasaan niya.. but at least, she gives the other one also to air their opinion..hindi kagaya ng showbiz central then, it only aired that no name personality..

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