‘Naruto Shippuden’ and ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ Air New Season on ABS-CBN

New adventures await viewers every weekday mornings as the new seasons of “Kuroko’s Basketball” and “Naruto Shippuden” finally kicked off on ABS-CBN.


A better Seirin team returns in “Kuroko’s Basketball” after their defeat in the inter-high competition. With the help of their new teammate, Kiyoshi, the team is all set to compete in the Winter Cup with hopes of beating the Generation of Miracles. Can Kuroko lead the team to victory especially with his new “vanishing drive” technique?

Meanwhile, Naruto prepares for this biggest battle yet as the fate of Konoha city lies in him in the sixth installment of “Naruto Shippuden.”

Masked villain Madara wages a war to control the city and the whole world. But in order for him to do that, he needs to own all nine monsters called Jinchuriki. The ninth and nine-tailed fox monster Kyuubi, however, inhabits inside Naruto’s body making him Madara’s ultimate target. As he a trains and discovers how to tame the Kyuubi , he also discovers more of himself as he goes face-to-face with his biological mother. Can Naruto control the Kyuubi before Madara finds him?

Don’t miss the second season of “Kuroko’s Basketball,” 9:30 AM, followed by the sixth season of “Naruto Shippuden,” 9:45 AM every weekdays on ABS-CBN’s new Team Animazing.

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  1. yahooooo // July 1, 2014 at 10:10 pm //

    ayoko ng NARUTO mas gusto ko ang dragonball z kahit na kapamilya ako….kahit na paulit ulit at take note, kahit may palabas na sa tv, watch ko pa rin sa youtube!

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