Inigo Pascual Plays a Spoken Word Artist with Stutter in ‘MMK’

Teen heartthrob Inigo Pascual portrays the challenging role of a spoken word artist who used to be a shy, stuttering young man this Saturday (Nov 21) in “MMK.”

MMK Miles Inigo

Ever since he was three years old, Trevor (Inigo) has been stuttering. He grew up in an environment that discourages him from speaking thus, he would resort to writing stories and poems.

By the time he enters college, Trevor falls in love with campus heartthrob Emma (Miles Ocampo) and they secretly become a couple. Whenever he is with Emma, his stutter disappears.

Until one day, Emma decides to break up with him and tells him to erase all photos and other pieces of evidence of their having been together. How will Trevor cope with his first heartbreak? Will he ever find the inspiration to get rid of his stutter again?

Joining this “MMK” episode are are Andrea Del Rosario, Jon Lucas, Pat Sugui, Miggy Campbell, Yanna Asistio, Young JV, Julian Estrada, Minco Fabregas, Paolo Santiago, Christian Alano, and Ronnie Alonte. The episode is directed by Raz Dela Torre and written by Mark Duane Angos. “MMK” is led by business unit head Malou Santos.

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  1. Wow anak ni PAPA GWAPO PIOLO yan..gwapo ni Inigo..mana sa gwapong daddy nya…BRIGGS aminin mo..mas crush mo ung father nyan c inigo..Baekla ka kc BRIGGS..nyahahaha

  2. kawawa to anak ng jokla

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