‘Brillante Mendoza Presents’ Highlights Filipino Culture Through Films on TV5

True to its mission of airing more-than-the usual programs, TV5 brings another first to Philippine free television as it highlights the brilliance of Festival de Cannes Best Director winner–Brillante Mendoza–from the big screen to viewers right in their homes.

Director Brillante Mendoza and TV5 President Chot Reyes. TV5 brings another first to Philippine free TV with BRILLANTE MENDOZA PRESENTS, which showcases Filipino culture and Filipino stories in its monthly made for TV movies, directed by internationally acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza.

Brillante Mendoza Presents is a collection of films made for television that merge together Filipino culture and Filipino stories. It airs once a month on a Saturday at 9:30PM on TV5. Movies are themed according to the month of its airing – earlier episodes included Tsinoy for Chinese New Year and Everlasting for Baguio’s Panagbenga Festival.

Each episode is presented in Direk Brillante Mendoza’s trademark cinematic storytelling style that has garnered prestigious international awards. Brillante Mendoza Presents explores the complexities of human relationships set against the backdrop of culturally rich Filipino traditions.

With this partnership, TV5 considers director Brillante Mendoza as their content partner. TV5 President Chot Reyes shares his excitement for this exciting milestone for Philippine Television: “We’re very excited about our partnership with award-winning director Brillante Mendoza. His works are synonymous with creative storytelling and world class excellence – qualities that are consistent withTV5’s positioning as the channel that provides quality, alternative content.”

He adds, “Our collaboration with Direk Brillante Mendoza is a full-fledged content partnership that spans culturally significant made for TV films and a 13- episode miniseries. With this partnership with Direk Brillante Mendoza, TV5 continues to uplift and improve the quality of entertainment in Philippine FREE TV.”

For his part, Director Brillante Mendoza also shares that he agreed to do this project as his advocacy for indie films, a vision that TV 5 –who has given the winning filmmaker full support for this creative inputs and brand of storytelling – also shares.

“With TV 5’s new thrust, it’s going to be a home for independent artists and independent cinema, and I am happy to be part of it. Our goal here is to tell the Filipino story, and for this, I will – like in my films –show reality and capture life the way it is on television,” shared by Director Mendoza.

During the Press conference at Director’s Club in Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall, Director Mendoza showcases his latest episode for Brillante Mendoza Presents – Ang Pagtatapos, which will air on April 22nd at TV5.

Just in time for Graduation, Ang Pagtatapos is the story of Shaira Torres, who is on her final year in the Philippine High School for the Arts -Makiling. She directs her thesis, the Maria Makiling legend told through a Pangalay dance routine, as she simultaneously deals with her family problems back at Manila. Shaira’s disconnection with her father, caused by her mother’s leaving, leads her to the dark side of her psyche and eventually, to resonate with Maria Makiling who according to the legends is also bitter because of a lost love.

Future episodes include Panata (May 27), which follows the story of Mario, a Marinduque mask maker who became a student activist and later on questioned his faith in God when he joined one of the rebel’s clandestine gatherings up in the mountains.

Anak (June 24) will showcase Obando Fertility Rites in Bulacan, showing how an old barren couple – against all odds – will miraculously have a child.

In Kadaguan (July 29), brings us to the Kadaugan sa Mactan Festival in Cebu where Tere and former boyfriend reunite. Johann is surprised that Tere is already a mother and troubled as he gets to know her son, and contemplate the future of their relationship.

Habilin (August 26) is about the inheritance issued of two sisters—Susan and Rosa involving their ancestral house and farmland in court. Later on, Rosa dies while recovering a terminal illness along with her issues with her family and husband, Fidel Luna. Fidel shows his undying love by weaving an Abel cloth, a burial shroud for Rosa Luna.

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