5 Reasons Why PH Bet Maureen Wroblewitz Should Be the Winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5

In two weeks, Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 will reveal its winner. And we think it’s the Philippines’ very own Maureen Wroblewitz.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Despite being the most inexperienced among the final 5, she’s gradually improving as a model.

2. She’s undoubtedly the most beautiful contestant this season. Don’t hate her for that!

3. Her performance scores in all 9 photoshoots kick ass. She got the highest total score among the final 5.

4. The Philippines has been robbed of the title on Season 2 and 3 with best performers Jodilly and Monika settling for 2nd place
despite getting the highest scores. The producers couldn’t afford to disappoint their no. 1 viewers for the third time.

5. The judges love Maureen!

Watch the video below:

Top 12 Pinays in Asia’s Next Top Model Ranked by Performance (All Cycles)

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