4th Impact – ‘Unleash the Diva’ Music Video

Star Music has premiered the official music video for the single “Unleash the Diva” by “The X Factor UK” alums 4th Impact.

“Unleash the Diva” is composed and written by Jonathan Manalo.

The video is currently getting mixed reviews from netizens on YouTube.

Here are some notable comments:

I Am Yu: I love 4th impact. Pero ano to? Parang project lang sa college. Sayang ang talento ng 4th impact. I don’t think they are being handled well. I wish I have millions to be their producer. :/

genesyx821: Planet Earth… what just happened?! This is gonna blow up all around the world. This music video has just changed your life! In terms of first music videos, this is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. So yes or no? You’re my favorite girlband… so yes. You’re sick… it’s a yes from me. You’re badass… and it’s a yes from me. 4th Impact… you have the biggest 4 yeses I’ve ever given. Congrats.

Will Salas: “pangit ng quality. sayang yung kanta at talent”

Psychotic Oppa: Even If you think this Music Video is “Low Quality” or “Mediocre” or you hate this. Still, PLEASE DONT DISLIKE THIS VIDEO and comment in a constructive criticism way. We all know the girls signed a Local Music label so we cant expect them to have a really good quality of Music Video. Instead, Lets support the girls now Matter what So the StarMusic realizes that this girls deserve so much better than this and they need to Invest in this girls in their next music releases and MV Production . This girls work hard so much and we need to appreciate Real Talent . Please support them no matter what. I love you 4th Impact!. This is just the beggining. Cant wait for your next music release!

UPDATE: Star Music removed the music video in less than 2 hours after its release!

Replaced it with a reaction video.

And then after a couple of hours or so, they uploaded an “enhanced version” of the music video.

Check it out:

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