Yassi Pressman is 1st Filipina Celebrity Endorser of Nivea Deodorant

Yassi Pressman is one of the most sought-after female celebrities in the country today. With award-winning TV show roles, hit movies, and trending music videos under her belt, she has definitely levelled up the definition of a multi-talented and multi-faceted woman. She stops at nothing to achieve her goals, always on the look-out for what’s next, what’s best for herself and everything she’s passionate about.

Like most women, Yassi echoes the confidence of a generation who’s READY TO LEVEL UP—try new things, take on challenges and be the best version of themselves. Yassi shares these traits with all NIVEA women, making her the perfect representative of the NIVEA Deo brand.

NIVEA Deo’s latest product innovation – NIVEA Extra White Deo Serum is the best upgrade to complement Yassi’s journey to conquer her next level. NIVEA Extra White Deo Serum is specially
formulated to achieve superior whitening results, like never before. It features a translucent serum formula that penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin. Now with 10x Vitamin C and EvenWhite Technology, to give you whiter underarms in as early as 5 days! With reliable 48h protection against sweat and odo sweat and odor, and the gentle care from NIVEA.

With NIVEA’s 1st Deo Serum and Yassi Pressman as NIVEA Deo’s 1st Filipina endorser, both aim to inspire every go-getter Pinay to always be #ReadyForTheNextLevel

NIVEA DEO SERUM is available in all leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores for as low as Php 76.

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