Philippines is Now the No. 1 Beauty Pageant Country in the World, Venezuela Drops to 2nd Place

Global Beauties–the website that ranks every country annually based on their performances in 5 major international beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Supranational, and Miss Grand International–announced that Philippines finally ends Venezuela’s reign as the world’s beauty powerhouse.

This is despite the fact that PH bet Catriona Gray, believed by many as the deserving winner of Miss World 2016, did not even place in the Top 3 of the said pageant.

In 2016, Philippines won in Miss International and placed very well in the other 4 pageants: 1st runner-up in Miss Grand International, Top 6 in Miss Universe, Top 5 in Miss World, and semi-finalist in Miss Supranational.

Here are the current Top 20 and their scores (sum of points from the 5 major beauty pageants worldwide):

1. Philippines – 106.02
2. Venezuela – 100.00
3. USA – 77.52
4. Mexico – 72.80
5. Puerto Rico – 70.32
6. Brazil – 67.00
7. Colombia – 64.10
8. Australia – 63.52
9. Thailand – 57.18
10. India – 53.72
11. Spain – 52.20
12. Dominican Republic – 50.80
13. Indonesia – 45.82
14. France – 44.42
15. Russia – 42.10
16. Ukraine – 40.30
17. Japan – 39.50
18. China – 38.88
19. South Africa – 38.80
20. Poland – 37.04

For the complete tally, click here.

Miss Earth was originally part of the point system but the website removed the PH-conceptualized pageant because of issues like bias results favoring the Philippine contestant (PH by the way won back-to-back in 2014 and 2015 when Jamie Herell and Angelia Ong were crowned respectively.)

Image from Instagram: @worldclassfilipina

17 Comments on Philippines is Now the No. 1 Beauty Pageant Country in the World, Venezuela Drops to 2nd Place

  1. people here in the comment section are insecure and ignorant bitchesss

  2. DID you see even miss earth is removed PHILIPPINES STILL IN TOP OF ALL OF THE COUNTRIES so when they miss earth is in the list again philippines will stay number one…even venezuela can outdo philippines!!!

  3. India won miss world 2017 and mr world
    phillipines just won only miss earthquake title

  4. LOOK! GLOBAL BEAUTIES FB PAGE hide or deleted my comment. They are not fair. They do not want to accept that miss earth is one of the GrandSlam and in terms of advocacy, projects and activities Miss Earth Organization have always there to protect the Earth from us. They only concern to the winner with a good face without a good heart and without advocacy. VERY MUCH UNFAIR GLOBAL BEUATIES FB PAGE

  5. Mariano Rivero // December 2, 2017 at 9:24 pm //

    Miss World also had back to back winners with India in 1989 and 1990. And then, India won again in 1994 and in 1997 but GB did not question those wins.

  6. USA has
    Miss Universe – 8
    1st Runner up – 9
    2nd Runner up – 7
    3rd Runner up – 1
    4th Runner up – 6

    Isn’t it bias too? All winners in Miss Earth deserved their crowns.

  7. GB if you are really intellectual enough, and be considered authority in this field, you should review the whole activities of Miss Earth with the eyes of LOGIC and not with whatever colored lens you have. Do not based your judgment on removing a “very legitimate pageant (Miss Earth)” based on sore losers’ sentiments. I believe you have brain to weigh things; never use your biased sentiment as bases on your judgment.

    The whole world, in different fields (those in the fields of Business; Sport; Politics- you can refer these to the Wall Street Journal and BBC to name some), declared Big Four Beauty Pageants Only, namely: Miss Universe; Miss World; Miss Earth; Miss International. In case you forgot due to your “self-claimed authority on Beauty Pageant.”
    Hope you reconsider your judgment of putting back Miss Earth to gain your so-called “authority on Beauty Pageants”…. WHAT A SHAME ON YOU!!!

  8. Money matters!…. that’s the reason why many pageant bloggers doesn’t like Miss Earth just like Global Beauty Sash Factor Misso and many more… Miss Earth stands on its principle of not involving cash to please on all pageant bloggers!… so these bloggers attack harshly the Filipino organized Pageant

  9. Teddy DC Morales // November 13, 2017 at 5:52 pm //

    Miss Earth was removed by GB and added Supranational and MGI, this is so silly. You removed the most relevant pageant and you managed to include Beauty Pageants without a clear cause, and these two did not prove their worth yet. GB is the real bias or should I say insecure, may I remind you that there is only Big Four Pageants (World, Universe, International and Earth), the real major ones, nothing more, nothing less.

  10. if miss earth is bias how about miss universe

  11. Isabella Pascual // November 8, 2017 at 8:47 pm //

    And GB removed what is I believe the most important pageant of all that is Miss Earth (advocacy directs to environmental cause). Have you forgotten that Miss Universe is created in the US and USA so far won the highest number of 8 MU Crowns? So because ME is Philippine-based does it mean an excellent performance of a PH candidate means unworthy of winning the title? It is you GB that is biased and even judgmental to the Philippines. You are like questioning our credibility when it comes to hosting a beauty pageant.

  12. whats the difference of other pageants to Miss Earth… kindly accept the fact that Philippines is #1 in terms of beauty and brain pageant not just beauty huh…

    #dont zombie minded guys

  13. Mariano Rivero // November 6, 2017 at 1:22 pm //

    GB threw out Miss Earth in their list and elevated Miss Grand Intl’l to take its place. Miss Supra is not really yet considered a major beauty pageant, and now they add MGI in their top 5 pageants in the world list? Are the GB people serious?

  14. Mariano Rivero // November 6, 2017 at 1:17 pm //

    It is the Global Beauties site that is biased. The Philippines won fair and square in Miss Earth pageants based on their strong performances. If we sent weak candidates but still won, I wouldn’t argue with the notion of bias. But Jamie, Angelia and Karen were worthy of their titles. It just so happened that Philippines is the franchise owner of MEP. On the other hand, Phil. candidates have consistently been placing in international pageants in recent years, thus being recognized as the newest pageant powerhouse. What would our local and non-local people say if Jamie, Angelia and Karen did not even make the cut? People would STILL be bashing them left and right with cruel comments because Phil. candidates are expected to do well. Ironic, right?

  15. Jasmin from colombia // November 5, 2017 at 1:32 pm //

    Now that the miss philippines have won again the miss earth 2017 tittle…..a lot would accused again miss earth org. Biased…watch the the final night of miss earth and you will witness how miss philppines perfomed….beauty and brain…common guys be rasonable…

  16. Miss supranational and miss grand international…have not proven yet as a major beauty pageants in there couse and advocacies…where as moss earth org. Have already excisted for a longer years….and have proven how efficted they are in there couses and advocasies…its not miss earth who i biased…if the philippines have a back to back winnings in miss earth its not there foult…the trouth is philippines send strong candidates…its not only happed on miss earth it also happened in miss universe thruogh venizuela…but no one blamed the miss universe org. To be biased…unfair…

  17. Why miss earth removed from the point system? Miss earth is not bias….its not only in miss earth have a back to back winners…it also happened in the miss universe…

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