Five Good Reads for Millennials on NoInk

Millennials are almost always online, not only to express themselves and check on their friends but also to pore over interesting reads and tips on how to keep their lives on track.

ABS-CBN addresses the need for loads of engaging and relatable content through NoInk, ABS-CBN Publishing’s multimedia reading app that gives users an enriching experience with digital copies of magazines and books, as well as original entertainment and lifestyle stories. NoInk adds to the network’s growing list of digital platforms as the country’s leading media and entertainment company transitions to become an agile digital company with the biggest online presence among Filipino media companies.

Here are five good reads to inspire the young generation as they prepare for adult life, learn to fall in love, and find their place in the world:


  1. The truth about adulting

Becoming a domesticated goddess when you’re used to being a royal utusera can be a huge pain, but it’s an inevitability everyone has to face at one point. When you think your brain will explode from the stress of SSS and PhilHealth applications and getting strenuous medical exams and an NBI clearance, well guess what—it’s only the beginning.


  1. The migrating challenge

Migrating is uprooting your life and planting yourself somewhere else. A change of scenery is no easy task, especially when you’re constantly dealing with anxiety, Pinoy-palate cravings, finding new friends, and FOMO fest.


  1. Experiencing different kinds of love

As kids, we were told that true love’s kiss conquers all—but life isn’t a fairytale we once read as children. The first prince who sweeps you off your feet isn’t necessarily your soulmate. The angelic girl holding your hand may not be your future wife. In this life, we normally don’t fall in love just once.


  1. Traveling Solo

Ridin’ solo, are you? It sure feels liberating to spread your wings and leave your mother bird’s nest, but it’s not always a smooth flight. You only have yourself to rely on. Chin up, get ready to roll with the punches and discover more of yourself along the way.


  1. Clearing up career confusion

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who have their mind and heart (and parents) agree on one profession, then you’ve experienced the internal crisis. Apparently, we need to uncover and access our “native genius.”


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