7 Things You Didn’t Know About It’s Showtime’s Hashtags

We see them regularly on “It’s Showtime” when they wow us with their dance skills, but there’s more to them outside the dance floor.


  1. Rayt was bullied as a child

According to Rayt, people often told him he’d amount to nothing. He’s since overcome being bullied, and has embraced being called a “nerd.” His advice?

“Hayaan mo lang yung sinasabi nila kasi hindi naman nila alam ang dinadaanan mo bilang ikaw. Ipakita mo lang sa kanila na kaya mo,” he says.


2.  Vitto didn’t always know how to dance.

Unlike some of the other Hashtags, Vitto didn’t always know how to dance. He only learned how to dance when his parents campaigned as councilors in their hometown.

“Nasanay yung katawan ko sa araw-araw kong ginagawa noon. Pati kasi mahilig ako sa hiphop, so masaya siya,” says Vitto.


3. Kid believes in standing up for yourself and asserting your rights

The self-confessed fighter says he gets mistaken as a “bad boy,” but he says it’s not about going out of his way to get into trouble, but about standing up for yourself. “Naniniwala kasi ako na dapat kaya mo ipagtanggol yung sarili mo,” says Kid.


4. Maru is an old-fashioned gentleman.

According to Maru, being a gentleman is about knowing and living the meaning of respect—not just to women, but to everyone.

“Naniniwala ako na binibigay mo ang respeto regardless of kung ano or sinong tao sila, kahit anong status, religion, o ano, at dapat binibigay ang respeto na deserve nila bilang tao,” he says.


5. Wilbert is a romantic who’ll give up even privacy for “The One”

The Davao native says he’s a romantic at heart, and likes a girl who’s maalaga and close to her family. He says when he’s in love, he’s not shy about proclaiming it, even in public.

“Pag nakita ko yung The One ko, kaya ko na isakripisyo yung privacy ko. Parang, eto na siya, nahanap ko na siya,” says Wilbert.


6. CK is a car guy who “likes to dream”

The self-confessed adventure-lover loves sports cars and dreams of one day having one, and hopes to one day have someone to go on adventures and road trips with.


7. Bugoy is old-fashioned when it comes to love.

He likes simple girls who are as family-oriented as he is, and believes in the traditional way of courting a girl—going to her house, meeting her family, and getting close to them.

“Gusto ko maging close rin sa family niya, at pag nililigawan ko na siya, ibibigay ko talaga ang 100 percent ko,” says Bugoy.

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