How to Safely Purchase from Meds4sure Online Pharmacy?

There are many reasons why people opt for an online pharmacy when it comes to purchasing their drugs. For some people, it is a hassle free method of placing their orders. You do not have to leave your home to purchase the drug. From the comfort of your home, you can visit an online pharmacy, and make your order for the drugs, whether prescription or non-prescription, and within a short period of time, you have your drug delivered to you without stress. Another important reason why many people choose to patronize an online pharmacy like Meds4sure Discount Pharmacy (ED Generic Viagra Sildenefil Cialis Tadalafil Levitra) is the price reductions that usually come with ordering online. Many online platforms sell at cheaper prices when compared to a traditional pharmacy. In addition to this, there are many options available to you online. You can visit different sites to compare prices and choose the one that best fits your budget.

However, it is important to be careful when it comes to buying drugs from online platforms. You need to protect yourself and your family by exercising caution when making your drug purchase online. There are no doubts that there are many online pharmacies e.g. meds4sure that are legal and offer seamless, convenient, and secure platform to buy your drugs. As there are many legal online pharmacies, so there are many rogue e-pharmacies. These fraudulent online platforms claim to offer prescription drugs at highly discounted prices and would not request for signed prescription from the buyers. Many of these pharmacies usually sell substandard and unapproved drugs, and do not follow the FDA rules and regulations.

These fraudulent online pharmacies are also known to conspicuously flaunt the Canadian flag on their sites. Unfortunately, the fact that they display the Canadian flag does not mean they operate from Canada. As a matter of fact, many of them are criminals operating from other parts of the world. When you purchase your drugs from these sites, you put yourself and your family at a great risk. Therefore,it is very crucial to know the kind of an online pharmacy to patronize when you want to make your order online. Hence, the question is: how can you recognize a legal online pharmacy when you see one? The first step you should take before attempting to purchase any drug online is to go through the FDA’s BeSafeRX.

How to know a Safe and Legal Online Pharmacy

There are many online pharmacies that offer a wide range of drugs at the ‘competitive’ prices, and trying to identify a genuine one on your own might be really difficult. However, do not despair. There are different ways how you can identify a safe and legal online pharmacy. Below are details of what you should look out for when choosing an online pharmacy to purchase your medicines.

• A legal and safe online pharmacy will always request for a valid prescription from your doctor or a licensed health care practitioner. The do not just sell drugs to you; you have to have duly signed prescription before they can dispense drugs for you.
• You cannot find them on the ‘List of Not Recommended Websites’ on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. A note of caution though, the fact that you do not find the name of an online pharmacy does not mean it is safe. The list is regularly updated, so you have to use other parameters in addition to this to check if the site is genuine or not.
• A safe and legal online pharmacy should be licensed by the state board of pharmacy or other state agency. To be sure that an online pharmacy is licensed, check the state board of pharmacy.
• The meds4sure online pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist from the U.S that is on ground to answer all your questions.
• The pharmacy should be resident in the United States and should have a verifiable street address displayed on the site.
• Another important way to check the legal status of an online pharmacy is to look out for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice SiteTMSeal. Having this seal means that the platform is safe to make your drug purchase because it has fulfilled all state licensure requirements and other criteria set by NABP.
Having listed the criteria to look out for when choosing a safe and legal online pharmacy, it is also important to highlight what to look out for in fraudulent online pharmacies.

Red Alert for a Fraudulent Online Pharmacy

• They allow you to purchase a prescription drug without requesting for a duly signed prescription from your doctor.
• They offer ridiculously low prices for drugs.
• They do not have a licensed pharmacist resident in the U.S. on ground to answer your queries.
• They regularly send you unsolicited emails and spam informing you of cheap deals.
• They are not resident in the U.S., and claim to ship drugs worldwide.
• They offer medicines that are often dangerous and substandard.

It is very crucial that you exercise the utmost caution when it comes to purchasing drugs from an online pharmacy. Drugs are very sensitive consumables that can have adverse effect on your health if administered wrongly. You should never take your drug consumption for granted. This is why it is highly recommended that you patronized only safe and legal online pharmacies.

In conclusion, there is no doubting the fact that an online pharmacy offers convenient shopping for drugs. A lot of stress is taken out of the equation when you use the online platform. If you are a busy professional, opting for an online pharmacy will be a great deal for you. However, you need to be careful not to fall into the hands of rogues. Before you place your order on any drug store online, ensure you conduct your due diligence, and be sure that the site you are patronizing is genuine and safe. Do not take your health and the health of your family members for granted. Patronize only genuine and safe online pharmacies like Meds4Sure.

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  1. Is Meds4sure legit? I try to order but when I click “Check out”, it goes back to the home page. I tried emailing customer service and get “not legit email address”

    Is Meds4sure legit?

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