Household Problem: Cockroaches

As gross as it is, cockroaches have far more despicable things than just their appearance. If you don’t know it by now, cockroaches are a big household problem that you need to solve. Here are the things that cockroaches are associated with that you must know:

• Cockroaches contaminate human food. Apart from the food we eat, cockroaches can eat basically everything from dead plant and animals to chemicals and faecal matters. If they crawl on human food, they contaminate our food with the bacteria they just had from dead plants, animals and faeces.

• Cockroaches can cause diseases. Just like flies, in order for a cockroach to feed themselves, they regurgitate their own saliva and digestive fluids from their mouth to our food. This means, whatever is in their gut, it would be passed on to our food. Most of the diseases are formed inside a cockroach’s gut like sepsis, urinary tract infection and digestive problems.

• Cockroaches can bite. Some cockroaches can bite and may cause skin irritation and infections.

That’s why it is important to make sure your house is free from cockroaches in order to avoid these problems. There are insect sprays but it’s better to look for the one that specializes in killing cockroaches. Strike Cockroach Killer Spray is made specifically to eradicate cockroaches even in places that are hard to reach. It has a nozzle that can be directly used on corners of the house.

It is built in such a scientific way wherein the contents get emitted in UNIFORM quantity and amounts of all components, particles and ingredients come out fully CONCENTRATED which disperses quickly but stays in the area for a longer time. Compared to other insecticides, Strike Cockroach Killer Spray has a remarkable canister and a guiding pipe on its spray spout which makes up for maximum usage of contents that allow direct spray contact to cockroaches making it easier to use in order to fight cockroaches and bugs that may reside in corners that are hard to reach. Get Strike Cockroach Killer Spray at Mercury Drug and get rid of cockroaches at home.


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