WATCH: TNT Boys – ‘Flashlight’ Cover

Mackie Empuerto, Francis Concepcion and Keifer Sanchez–collectively known around the world as “TNT Boys”–are not only making waves on the internet by their astounding impersonations of groups such as Destiny’s Child, The Supremes, and Bee Gees, but their song covers on YouTube are also doing very well.

Their rendition of Jessie J’s “Flashlight” is currently trending on YouTube Philippines and got several praises from netizens.

Here are some notable comments:

“That heavenly G6 whistle though. They did throw some good G5 notes in this version too. Oh my goodness! Im going crazy over these kids. The harmonies were so tight and synchronized. The runs and melismas were so crazy gooood. Their individual tonal quality are all so pleasant and i must not forget to mention the belting ad libs with flawless and smooth runs. Im so dead now. Kudos to the vocal coach and arranger, Foilan Canlas for this masterpiece interpreted by TNT Kids. This is the best rendition ever!!! Uploading my video reaction while i’m doing this comment.” —Nephi Acaling

“Wow! They sound sooooo Amazing! Their voices sound so crystal clear in this performance, and each of them really showcases their awesome skills in this video! My dad and I are really blown away! We love all three TNT boys! I could listen to this performance over and over again! So powerful! I made a reaction video while watching this! My family is helping me edit it, and I’ll upload it shortly! 😊”–Venice Ganje.

“I done a reaction video of these awesome trio with my dad and he said that “I want more of Vitamin TNT Boys”. I laughed so loud and I asked my dad why you used that phrase and he said, TNT Boys are just like vitamins to all their avid fans around the world. It made sense because when my dad came home from a long hours work in the office and he is very tired but when I asked him to do a reaction video about the TNT Boys, his eyes light up and he was so excited to do it. We are one those million avid fans of TNT Boys around the world that can’t get over the trio. We want more of Vitamin TNT Boys!!!”–D’ Montijos

Check it out:

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