100 Asian Heartthrobs of 2018 – Full List

After almost 14 million votes received from around the world, we proudly present to you the 100 Asian Heartthrobs of 2018 ranked from 100 to number one:

Asian Heartthrobs started off as a blog in 2006, the year when also debuted on the internet (the term “blog” wasn’t a household name yet that time). Now, we made it into an online poll where the ranking of the Top 100 good-looking, charismatic, and influential male celebrities across the Asian continent will be decided by fans. Yes, you read it right! In the spirit of democracy, the winner of the title “Ultimate Asian Heartthrob” is based on votes of netizens from around the globe.

With the participation of various fans, we were able to determine the ranking of 100 Asian Heartthrobs from no. 100 to number one and we are proud to announce that the winner of our month-long online poll is none other than South Korea’s Kim Taehyung, also known as “V” of the sensational K-pop group BTS.

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Taehyung garnered a total of 3,041,030 votes in our online and social media polls thereby winning the title “Ultimate Asian Heartthrob” of 2018. The K-pop star, however, had a tough battle against Thailand’s Suradet Piniwat who placed a very close second with 2,775,929 votes. Suradet, also known as Bas, topped our Facebook poll with 1,654,963 votes but it was the online poll, Twitter and Instagram that put Taehyung on top. In the last 2 days of the finals, Taehyung and Suradet are in a tug-of-war for the lead and thousands of incoming traffic from fans around the world caused the slow down of our website which prompted us to create a temporary page ( to accommodate fans who are all eager to cast their votes.

Thailand’s Suradet Piniwat gave Kim Taehyung a good fight.

Completing the Final Five for this year are Timmy Xu of China (#3), Daniel Padilla of the Philippines (#4) and Mark Tuan of Taiwan (#5).

Here is the complete list of 100 Asian Heartthrobs of 2018:

1. Kim Taehyung, SOUTH KOREA
2. Suradet Piniwat, THAILAND
3. Timmy Xu, CHINA
4. Daniel Padilla, PHILIPPINES
5. Mark Tuan, TAIWAN

6. Singto Prachaya, THAILAND
7. Krist Perawat, THAILAND
8. God Itthiphat Thanit, THAILAND
9. James Reid, PHILIPPINES
10. Copter Panuwat, THAILAND

11. Hu Yitian, CHINA
12. Yoo Seung Ho, SOUTH KOREA
13. Nam Joo Hyuk, SOUTH KOREA
14. BamBam, THAILAND
15. Gun Atthaphan, THAILAND
16. Song Joong Ki, SOUTH KOREA
17. Tae Darvid, THAILAND
18. Kim Mingyu, SOUTH KOREA
19. Lee Jong Suk, SOUTH KOREA
20. Yang Yang, CHINA

21. Lee Tae Yong, SOUTH KOREA
22. Park Bo Gum, SOUTH KOREA
23. Alden Richards, PHILIPPINES
24. Lucas Wong, HONG KONG
25. Nonkul Chanon, THAILAND
26. Kentaro Sakaguchi, JAPAN
27. Tay Tawan, THAILAND
28. New Thitipoom, THAILAND
29. James Jirayu, THAILAND
30. Zack Lu, TAIWAN

31. Jungkook, SOUTH KOREA
32. Edward Barber, PHILIPPINES
33. Park Jimin, SOUTH KOREA
34. Enrique Gil, PHILIPPINES
35. Jung Hae In, SOUTH KOREA
36. Lee Min Ho, SOUTH KOREA
37. Ning Zetao, CHINA
38. Kim Soo Hyun, SOUTH KOREA
39. Mario Maurer, THAILAND
40. Do Kyung Soo, SOUTH KOREA

41. Joshua Garcia, PHILIPPINES
42. Nadech Kugimiya, THAILAND
43. Jackson Wang, HONG KONG
44. Paulo Avelino, PHILIPPINES
45. Dylan Wang, CHINA
46. Kim Seokjin, SOUTH KOREA
47. Choi Min Ho, SOUTH KOREA
48. Bailey May, PHILIPPINES
49. Gong Yoo, SOUTH KOREA
50. Ji Chang Wook, SOUTH KOREA

51. Darren Chen, CHINA
52. Donut Phattharapon, THAILAND
53. WoonWoo, SOUTH KOREA
54. Zhang Vin Vin, CHINA
55. McCoy de Leon, PHILIPPINES
56. Wen Junhui, CHINA
57. Cha Eun Hoo, SOUTH KOREA
58. Sehun, SOUTH KOREA
59. Jak Roberto, PHILIPPINES
60. Ong Seong-Woo, SOUTH KOREA

61. Max Nattapol, THAILAND
62. Taishi Nakagawa, JAPAN
63. Ronnie Alonte, PHILIPPINES
64. Park Jihoon, SOUTH KOREA
65. Vernon Choi, SOUTH KOREA
66. Elmo Magalona, PHILIPPINES
67. Nine Naphat, THAILAND
68. Kris Wu, CHINA
69. Grae Fernandez, PHILIPPINES
70. Kai Jong In, SOUTH KOREA

71. Song Weilong, CHINA
72. Teejay Marquez, PHILIPPINES
73. Thanat Loekhunnasombat, THAILAND
74. Gong Jun, CHINA
75. Jericho Rosales, PHILIPPINES
76. Wang Yibo, CHINA
77. Enchong Dee, PHILIPPINES
78. Tul Pakorn Thanasrivanitchai, THAILAND
79. Ma Tianyu, CHINA
80. Tony Labrusca, PHILIPPINES

81. Seo Kang Joon, SOUTH KOREA
82. Addy Raj, INDIA
83. Takanori Iwata, JAPAN
84. Thawornwong Jirakit, THAILAND
85. Jiro Wang, TAIWAN
87. Alvin Chong, MALAYSIA
88. Caesar Wu, CHINA
89. Kobe Paras. PHILIPPINES
90. Gao Tai yu, CHINA

91. Kim Myung Soo, SOUTH KOREA
92. Derrick Monasterio, PHILIPPINES
93. Wang Ting Yung, CHINA
94. Pham Isaac, VIETNAM
95. Kang Vorakorn, THAILAND
96. Ruru Madrid, PHILIPPINES
97. Xiong Dylan, CHINA
98. Aakash Shresta, NEPAL
99. Jefri Nichol, INDONESIA
100. Kento Yamazaki, JAPAN

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  1. I nomimate Jeon Jungkook from South Korea

  2. batarslan // January 4, 2019 at 10:01 pm //

    I nominate Vivian Dsena from India vivi is best 43

  3. Anonymous // January 4, 2019 at 8:40 pm //

    I nominate kim taehyung from bts


  5. Kim Taehyung 💕😍😘
    Congratz V. U deserve this.
    I Purple U 💜💜💜

  6. GLYDYL MAREI RUBIN // December 24, 2018 at 3:40 pm //


  7. GLYDYL MARIE RUBIN // December 24, 2018 at 3:38 pm //


  8. Multifandom💖 // November 25, 2018 at 9:28 pm //

    OhhhmygwaaaAaaAaad!!!!!V!!!!asawa koOOooOoOo!!!!!😃😂💖

  9. Y’all saying Kim Taehyung looks the best yet actual idols think Cha Eunwoo/Lee Dongmin is the handsomest..??

  10. Anonymous // October 3, 2018 at 11:59 pm //

    No Karry, Roy or Jackson, this is just fake

  11. Dylaaan.😍😍

  12. Daniel Padilla

  13. I blame the koreaboos for this disservice against so many amazing actors

  14. Kim Taehyung ❤❤

  15. Of East Asia only..or smaller dick countries

  16. Where’s Choi Seungcheol. He deserves to be in there

  17. SecretGarden // September 3, 2018 at 11:19 pm //

    I think some og them doesn’t really deserve their position tho they deserve to be in the list. I didn’t mention any names tho.

  18. Alden richards

  19. Mysanmae geocadin // August 29, 2018 at 5:57 pm //

    Daniel Padilla

  20. Anonymous // August 24, 2018 at 2:37 pm //

    Where’s kang daniel ???

  21. Where is Wang Junkai??

  22. Anonymous // July 13, 2018 at 11:13 am //


  23. Ann Marie Canillo // July 1, 2018 at 8:55 pm //

    Oh my gosh Exo D.o kyungsoo,Oh sehun,Kim jong in and Wu Yi Fan 😍😍

  24. Asia contains many countries , !! The list is from few selected countries !! The Title is wrong!!

  25. ¿Y Aaron Yan?😢

  26. Anonymous // June 28, 2018 at 1:47 pm //

    Where are the other artist?

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