JuanBie Brace for Surprising Finale of ‘Araw Gabi’

JuanBie, must once again prove their love on the final week of “Araw Gabi”

Adrian (JM de Guzman) and Mich (Barbie Imperial) may have proven their love for one another to be strong, but it will be tested once again as they face Celestina (Vina Morales) one more time in the final week of “Araw Gabi.”

Finally, after years of being apart, Mich’s family will be united again, thanks to the help of Adrian, with the second wedding of her parents Virgilio (Raymond Bagatsing) and Harriet (Ara Mina).

Unfortunately, their happiness will be put on hold as Celestina is back after getting surgery to look like Odessa (Rita Avila), Adrian’s mom. She will wreak havoc on the relationships of Adrian and Mich, and Virgilio and Harriet, and slowly poison them so they will go against each other. She also has another evil surprise in store, which will destroy the de Alegre family and test the love of Adrian and Mich anew.

What is Celestina’s big surprise for Adrian, Mich, and the de Alegre family? Will Adrian and Mich be able to overcome it?

Find out on this last week of “Precious Hearts Roamances Presents Araw Gabi,” every afternoon on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold, after “Kadenang Ginto.” Tune in to its finale on Friday, October 12, to close the final chapter on this book of “Precious Hearts Romances.”

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