Toddlers Hair – Facts You Never Knew

One of the most beautiful scenes in this world is to see a toddler doing cute activities without having the thought of “What would people say?” The stage of infancy is the period of time when we all were innocent. Most of the children are the experimental guinea pig where the parents put different hairstyles into a trial. Especially, the children whose ages are in between 12 to 36 months are the main victims of the creativity of the parents. These children are called toddlers. And there go some facts and myths about the hair of the toddlers. Let’s get enlightened on the facts you never knew.

Interesting Facts about Toddlers’ Hair

Hairstyles are mainly applicable to the girls. Moms like to do fancy styling to the girl’s hair. You’ll get to know about the most beautiful girl haircuts and hairstyles at the end of this article, before that here are some facts and myths about toddlers’ hair.

#1. Shaving the Hair off Will Make No Difference

If a wrong concept goes on air for a long time, everybody starts to believe it at a point. But, what’s wrong is wrong even if everyone takes it to be right. So, don’t believe the idea that shaving will make the hair grow thicker and smoother. This is wrong. The hair growth depends on the genetics of a person. If the parents have nice and thick hair, chances are pretty good that the kid will get fine hair too. Besides, a haircut doesn’t have any superpower that will help the hair grow in large number. So, don’t believe in myths, know the facts.

#2. Using Adult Shampoo Is a Bad Idea

Some parents don’t want to undergo the trouble of buying baby products. They use adult hair-care products for their babies. This is totally a bad idea. Baby products are modified for the babies containing less chemical. Adult shampoo and conditioner have a harmful chemical commonly known as ammonium laurel sulfate which is not a big issue for the adults as we have resistance power more than the babies. But, this chemical is not good for the health of the baby. They are so soft and tender. That’s why using baby shampoo and conditioner is a must to avoid any kind of potential difficulties.

#3. Regular Trimming will Increase the Hair growth

If you want to grow long hair that will make your toddlers look awesome, don’t just let it grow for a long time. A routine trimming or haircut will increase the hair growth rather than making it short. Surprised? Let me explain. There is a definite rate of hair growth every day. But, as the hair grows it feels the lack of nutrients and moisturizer and the tips of the hair get split and frayed. On that note, you may feel that the hair stops growing. To get rid of this feeling, get a haircut or trim the split ends regularly. This will give you exposure to healthy hair free from breakage. If your kid has straight hair, check these hairstyles at ‘Child Insider’.

Most Beautiful Little Girl Haircuts and Hairstyles

A toddler looks stunning even without any particular hairstyle. They are born to be beautiful. And, you can enhance the beauty to a great degree by adding some style to their hair. A simple braided hairstyle or colorful hairclips will do enough in this regard. Let’ get inspired by the following designs.

#1. The Innocence

What more you need if you have such innocence spreading from the heart of your toddler? A mere hairstyle is nothing compared to this childish cuteness. But, it can surely lift the natural beauty of the child to a whole new level.

#2. Single Braided Look

A single braid with a moderate haircut can give your child the best look she can get. The child who has this kind of heart-melting smile doesn’t need much of style. This simple hairstyle is enough to make her look adorable and cute.

#3. The Fashionista

Some children are great fashion enthusiasts by nature, They act as if they knew how to carry a style from the very beginning of their existence. This style id for that kind of toddlers who want to look luxe in every way possible.

#4. A Series of Colorful Clips

This is a cute hairstyle for your little baby. Display the awesomeness of color by putting some colorful hairclips in between her hair well-organized hair strands. She will stand out from the crowd without any doubt.

#5. Think Pink

Pink is the ultimate color that suits the baby girl more than any other color. Attach a flower hair clip or bow to any of the braids of your child and let her do the rest. The innocence and liveliness of the toddler will certainly snatch the attention of the beholders.

Toddlers are beautiful without any external beauty accessories. But you can get a luxe and chicer look simply by adding a bit styling to their hair. Don’t get confused while choosing the right hairstyle. Any hairstyle will complement the overall look of your precious child.

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