How to Apply Lip Makeup in a Perfect Way?

Is lipstick your favorite makeup product? If yes, then you are not the only one. Most of the women in their childhood have experienced their craving for mom’s lipstick. One of the primary reasons behind this is the colors that attract you and tempt you from applying it. However, after growing up, you get to know it is one of the most challenging things to apply eye and lip makeup perfectly.

Keeping this in mind, here some of the ways have been discussed to ensure your lips look impeccable from all ends.

Give Importance to Prepping

You cannot ignore that to achieve perfect pout you need ideal lip makeup and the key to this is prepping. Now, you must be thinking what is prepping for your lips? The answer lies in the fact that most of you face the problem of dry, chapped lips all around the year. In winters the problem just gets enhanced, but this doesn’t mean it never pops up in any other season. Now, you must remember that if your lips are dry, then you can never apply good lip makeup, especially permanent makeup lips. For this, you need to keep your lips clean with a damp and soft toothbrush, which will exfoliate your lips and then you can apply healthy lip balm. This will ensure that your lips remain silky smooth.

Apply a lip base and primer

Before applying face makeup, you are advised to use a primer. Similarly, here also you are suggested to apply a lip primer before applying lipstick. This ensures that the lipstick is applied to a smooth base so that remains even, stay longer and prevents any dryness on the lips, which may also lead to bleeding if not taken care of.

You must also apply a base as it will avoid an uneven lip tone and keep your lip free from any discoloration. In many lip makeup tutorial, you can find experts advising you to select a concealer shade that suits the color of your lip. You may apply it with the help of a flat brush and can dab some compact. This way the lipstick will stay longer on your lips.

Use Lip Liner Properly

Using a lip liner is not everyone’s forte. Many struggles with it, especially in defining natural lip line. You need to have a steady hand and then apply lip liner over your natural lip line. You must use a high-quality lip liner to get a polished look. You must use the liner matching with the lipstick that you are planning to wear and that compliments your skin tone. Try to create an X shape on your upper lips and broaden your lower lips.

Many of you do not buy lip liner; still, you may also apply lipstick correctly. For this, you may use your finger. Choose a lipstick and then rub your finger into it. After this, press your finger on your lips and do not forget to stick to your natural lines. You may use a lip brush for the interiors, and this will finish your look even when you are in a rush.

Apply Lipstick Properly

Once you have used lip liner, then you must pick up the lipstick. You must try using a lip brush to apply lipstick evenly on your lips. Never forget the inner lips and when applying red lips makeup, then use the lipstick coat by coat. In case you have dry lips, then avoid using matte shade lipstick, as it will further dry your lips.

Furthermore, if your lips have thin inner sides, then dark shades won’t look good on you. Any dark lipstick will make this the lips look smaller. In the end, you may try to add definition to your lips with some lip gloss. This will give a sexy touch to your pouts.

How to do dark lips makeup?

Many people do not know how to do dark lips makeup. Dark lips are quite common these days due to the pigmentation over lips. However, you can neutralize it by applying a concealer that matches your skin tone. Apply it to your lips till you get the desired effect. After this, follow the same points as aforementioned. Firstly, you must apply the lip liner that matches the lipstick and then the lipstick using a brush. You must remember to avoid using glossy lipsticks if you want to have better lip looks. You may also use red lipstick for red lip makeup look even on dark lips.

How to remove lipstick?

Most of you spend long hours learning how to get permanent makeup lips. However, you fail to understand the importance of removing lipsticks properly. That is why here some of the important points have been discussed with this respect.

● Do not remove the lipstick by rubbing it in a hard way
● Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly to remove the lipstick softly
● Gently wipe away the lipstick

Once you can remove your lipstick, then exfoliate it with brush and water. Now, apply some healing balm on it to retain the moisture that will avoid it from getting dry.


If you are fond of applying makeup or are a budding makeup artist, then you must look for platforms like that offer you makeup videos. These makeup tutorials are quite helpful. These beauty makeup platforms let you learn many things that you can’t just learn from any write-up. The lip makeup tutorial available on such platforms by experts ensures you gain skills in applying eye and lip makeup perfectly. You can enhance your knowledge of different cosmetic products and learn which lipstick colors are in trend.

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