100 Sexiest Men in the World 2018 – Rank 81st to 100th

The votes are in and all polls are now closed. We will now reveal the ranking of “100 Sexiest Men in the World” for the year 2018 from 100 to 1.

For this post, meet the celebrities who made it to no. 81 to 100…

81. Niall Horan, IRELAND
82. Thanit Itthipat, THAILAND
83. Hideo Muraoka, BRAZIL
84. Xavier Serrano, SPAIN
85. Seung Hwan Lee, KOREA
86. Cameron Dallas, USA
87. Antonin Muz Roku, CZECH REPUBLIC
88. Aakash Shresta, NEPAL
89. Pedro Mendes, SWITZERLAND
90. Alex Hogh Andersen, DENMARK

91. Rohit Khandelwal, INDIA
92. Maxi Iglesias, SPAIN
93. Stephen James, ENGLAND
94. Bruno Gagliasso, BRAZIL
95. Antoine Griezmann, FRANCE
96. Mario Casas, SPAIN
97. Park Hyung Sik, KOREA
98. Imran Abbas, PAKISTAN
99. Alexey Vorobyov, RUSSIA
100. Ross Butler, USA

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