Voting is Now Open for ‘Asian Drama of the Year’ Poll

Which drama series from across Asia had the most impact in the region for the year 2018?

Voting is now open for “Asian Drama of the Year”, the first category in the 2018 Asian Drama Awards!

Which is the most popular and most-loved Asian drama this year? Here are the 12 finalists:

1. 100 Days My Prince, KOREA
2. Betrayal, PHILIPPINES
3. Encounter, KOREA
4. Good Doctor, JAPAN
5. I Am Not A Robot, KOREA
6. Memories of the Alhambra, KOREA
7. Meteor Garden, CHINA
8. My ID is Gangnam Beauty, KOREA
9. Something in the Rain, KOREA
10. Tree in the River, TAIWAN
11. The Crown Princess, THAILAND
12. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, KOREA

Dramas that almost made it in the Top 12 but not quite are “Ashes of Love” (China), “Mr. Sunshine” (Korea), “Unnatural” (Japan), “La Luna Sangre” (Philippines), “A Korean Odyssey” (Korea), “Love Destiny” (Thailand), “Still 17” (Korea), “Between” (Taiwan), “Legend of Fu Yao” (China), “My Golden Life” (Korea), “The Trading Floor” (Hong Kong), and “Are You Human?” (Korea).

The 12 finalists will vie for public votes via the online poll below. The highest vote-getter will become the Asian Drama of the Year. Voting starts today and will be concluded at 12:00 noon of December 28, 2018).

This poll is FAN POWERED. You can vote as many time as you want within the given period. Yes, you read it right. It’s UNLIMITED VOTING for 6 days! Just click the photo of your favorite Asian Drama to cast your vote. If you want to vote again, simply refresh or reload your browser and you can vote again.


Voting is now closed. Here are the final results:

50 Comments on Voting is Now Open for ‘Asian Drama of the Year’ Poll

  1. HDH famz…. Fighting

  2. We support WonShim.

  3. Fighting wonshim!!! jangan kasih kendorrrr 🤗#indonesiansupport100dmp

  4. Meteor Garden..Fighting🤝🤝🙌👐

  5. MG fans let’s do this!! Truly MG deserves this award for the actors and actresses truly did amazing jobs, though they are just new within the industry ! Specially for our dear YueYue who went through a lot! They all deserve this! WE CAN DO THIS!

  6. Meteorites …let”s do this…let the other categories on hold for today..we’ll do this first…
    MG rocksss

  7. Keep on voting, WonShim Nation. For the love. Fighting!

  8. 100dmp 💪 win!!

  9. Jisoo nation keep still vote.. im still in here.. 🤗💙

  10. Go WonShim fam!!!! Let’s keep voting for 100 Days My Prince. We know the timezone too. 😁

  11. C’mon MG fans we can still do it..We know the timezone now😁😁😁…buck up

  12. When will this vote close??

  13. Why is the voting still open? I thought it ends at 12nn? What timezone is this based from?

  14. Kyungsoo's wife // December 28, 2018 at 2:26 pm //

    ExoL pls vote Do Kyungsoo for best drama actor too

  15. C’mon Indonesia..where s your vote. We love namjihyun and ksoo for 100dmp 💕

  16. Kyungsoo's wife // December 28, 2018 at 2:11 pm //

    In my country i.e India its still 11:40 am… ExoL and dandanies pls vote for 100 days my prince coz this drama is really great

  17. What’s noon actually its pass already why its still works out dont play game here

  18. C’mon MG fans😢😢😢we are behind…it’s only few minutes left

  19. C’mon MG fans’s 11:12 am please just speed up

  20. Meteor garden ost the best
    Lagend drama …

  21. D.O. <3 <3

  22. Which time zone is will endend?

  23. Astrid vanegas // December 28, 2018 at 12:37 pm //

    Jardín de meteoros es el mejor dorama romántico del año sigan apoyando a nuestras estrellas favoritas

  24. 100dmp euma euma couple

  25. Which timeline of 12noon the closing of this votuis based??????

  26. Meteor Garden😍

  27. Guysss Please meteor garden first ..

  28. They are still sleeping, we are voting.
    100DMP !!!

  29. GO Meteor Garden!!!

  30. HDH…go go go 2 hours left and we r leading

  31. 100 DMP is a miracle just like how Ksoo described it.

  32. ‘Am I only the one who is uncomfortable’.. I missed this dialogue kyungsoo… Love you big 100 days my prince

  33. Meteor Garden

  34. 100dmp, wake up asia lets vote eumaeuma couple 😘❤😁

  35. 100daymyprince

  36. 100 DMP

  37. 100dmp for NJH 💕💕

  38. 100days my prince😍😍😍

  39. Meteor garden..meteor garden…dylan wang…dylan wang…shen yue..shen yue…

  40. Please support my baby Kyungsoo pleas!!!
    100 Days My Prince is the best movie

  41. Putrilestari // December 28, 2018 at 10:41 am //

    Meteor garden ..MG..MG..MG❤

  42. Kyungsooyah // December 28, 2018 at 10:36 am //

    100 DAYS MY PRINCE!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 100days my prince

  44. Meteor Garden will be my forever love❤❤

  45. MG is phenomenal since before.

  46. Let’s vote for YueYue

  47. Plzz vote for Jennifer winget

  48. Vote 100DHD guys 👍

  49. HDH 💕

  50. vote for MG first guys, after that shen yue as dd always be in top 1 😁

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