MMFF 2018 Hits P1.06 Billion, ‘Fantastica’ is Topgrosser

Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 spokesperson Noel Ferrer revealed to on Tuesday, January 8, that the 8 film entries collectively grossed P1.06 billion, breaking the 2015 record of P1.05 billion.

It doesn’t mean, however that the recent MMFF is the most-watched in the event’s history because the said box-office gross was only hit due to the increase of the cinema ticket price. If we are to compare the admission cost in 2015, then it’s safe to say the more people watched the festival that year than this year.

Although the MMFF 2018 committee opted not not reveal the rankings of the eight entries in terms of box-office performance, it is widely speculated that the Vice Ganda starrer–“Fantastica”–is number one in the race. The comedian himself revealed last week that the fantasy comedy surpassed the P300-million mark.

In our speculation, here are the possible rankings of the 8 entries in terms of earnings:

1. “Fantastica” – approximately P420 million
2. “Jack Em Popoy” – approximately P384 million
3. “Aurora” – approximately P107 million
4. “Mary Marry Me” – approxiamtely P85 million
5. “One Great Love” – approximately P28 million
6. “Otlum” – approximately P19 million
7. “The Girl in the Orange Dress” – approximately P16 million
8. “Rainbow’s Sunset” – approximately P8 million

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