5 Tips on How to Plan a Perfect Prom

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, party organizer or a student who’s given the task of putting together a prom night, you’ll need tips from someone who has done it before.

Put together a committee and start planning together. Call your friends, other parents (assign certain roles to the parents if you are a teacher) and other volunteers. Delegate the tasks and start working on building an unforgettable prom night.

Plan the budget

Set the priorities, essentials and extra components of the prom. Know what’s the most important item and detail to create this party. You can’t splurge on everything. Your school or a university will have a certain amount of money set off specifically for this occasion. You can start dividing it once you point out the essentials and secondary items.

Pick a theme

Proms with themes are the best. Everyone will have fun. They can dress in accordance to the theme (for example, if you set a Disney theme, kids can dress as princesses, princes, and animals). No one will have to worry about prom dresses and other essentials.

If you don’t know how to decide, create a Facebook group and post a question poll indicating several of your ideas. The prom attendees will choose themselves what kind of theme they prefer.

Think about the entertainment

If your budget allows it, hire professional musicians and a band. Live music gives the party a delightful and unforgettable taste. Again, you can negotiate about the band with the prom attendees, or your committee members.

If your budget is a bit low, you can create a playlist for the prom night and find a person who will play the role of the DJ on that night. It can be somebody from the students (older students) or a committee member and a teacher.

Take care of the menu

Kids love munching on snacks. Prom night is dance night, so no need to provide a three-course meal, just a simple open bouffe would be nice. Get snacks, small sandwiches, drinks (non-alcoholic, or alcoholic if you are planning the prom for older attendees).

Don’t forget about the fruits. Kids don’t usually like fruits, but they are refreshing, prom guests can hydrate themselves with delicious and sweet snacks. And while we’re talking about hydration, stack up on the water bottles.

Send out the invitations and off you go

The final part is easy. If you planned a theme prom party, match the invitations and the envelopes to the theme. If you are doing a regular dance prom, take simple but elegant envelopes and send them to every potential attendee.

Don’t forget to indicate the details of the party. Write down the special dress code rules, the start time and the ending, etc.

Once you’re done with the planning part, it’s time to put the plan in the motion. Gather your committee members and patrol the prom if you’re dealing with school students. Don’t forget to choose a prom dress for you too or an outfit that matches the theme. You deserve to have fun too. After all, you put your time, resources and labor in it.

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