Fil-Am Angelica Hale Gets Golden Buzzer in ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’

Remember Fil-Am girl Angelica Hale who ended runner up and alsmot won in America’s Got Talent in 2017? She’s back to compete in America’s Got Talent: The Champions” and became the first contestant to receive two golden buzzers in the show’s history.

In her preliminary performance, Hale sang “Fight Song” which earned her a standing ovation from the judges and audience and rave reviews from Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel who gave her a golden buzzer, her second in the show.

Mandel said: “When people show up on this show, the level of competition is much higher. Just by the title, you are amongst champions. You show up and you ripped the ceiling off this theater. That was your fight song and if I can do anything, I am going to help you win this fight.”

The 11-year-old will fast-track to the semi-finals.

Watch Angelica’s trending performance below:

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