Voting Now open for 2nd Wildcard Round of #100AsianHeartthrobs2019

Voting for the second and last wildcard round of “100 Asian Heartthrobs 2019” is now open! It will run for 2 days only starting today until 12:00 noon of February 3, 2019.

They did not win their respective groups but since they received a significant amount of votes in the preliminaries, they will compete again for one last shot to be included in the finals of “100 Asian Heartthrobs of 2019” and a chance to be named the “Ultimate Asian Heartthrob” of the year!

Vying for people’s votes in the first Wildcard round are:

  • Daniel Padilla, PHILIPPINES
  • Edward Barber, PHILIPPINES
  • Fattah Amin, MALAYSIA
  • Gerald Anderson, PHILIPPINES
  • Jack Reid, PHILIPPINES
  • Jericho Rosales, PHILIPPINES
  • Jinyoung, KOREA
  • Ji Chang-Wook, KOREA
  • Jungkook, KOREA
  • Kai, KOREA
  • Kim Mingyu, KOREA
  • Kim Myung-Soo, KOREA
  • Kris Wu, CHINA
  • Lay, CHINA
  • Lee Min-Ho, KOREA
  • Miguel Tanfelix, PHILIPPINES
  • Salin Man Bania, NEPAL
  • Teejay Marquez, PHILIPPINES
  • Vivian Dsena, INDIA
  • Yang Yang, CHINA

This poll will run for 48 hours (2 days) only. The highest vote-getter will automatically get a slot in the finals. Another one will be chosen by the judges to advance in the finals so there will be 2 winners for this poll. And since it’s a fan-powered ballot, voting is UNLIMITED for two days starting today, January 25. After you cast your vote, simply refresh or reload the page and you will be allowed to vote again!

Voting ends at 3:00pm Hong Kong/Taiwan time of January 27, 2019 (Sunday). Results (and the two finalists) will be revealed on the same day.

Poll No. 1:

You can also vote in our alternate voting site: Poll No. 2

Note: Results from Poll No. 1 and Poll No. 2 will be combined.

SCHEDULE:Feb. 3, 2019 – The 2 winners of the last wildcard round revealed
Feb. 3, 2019 – The Final Battle Begins!
Feb. 20, 2019 – Announcement of the 100 Asian Heartthrobs of 2019 by ranking
Feb. 20, 2019 – The winner of the Ultimate Asian Heartthrob of 2019 revealed

22 Comments on Voting Now open for 2nd Wildcard Round of #100AsianHeartthrobs2019

  1. Jungkook

  2. I vote for junkooki.

  3. Kristine Geronimo // February 9, 2019 at 3:56 pm //

    Solid Ji Chang Wook

  4. Ji chang wook :*

  5. Ji chang wook, Korea

  6. Donal Lee // February 8, 2019 at 4:03 pm //

    My Ji chang wook

  7. Ji chang wook

  8. Vote for ji chang wook

  9. Nam ji hyun // February 8, 2019 at 3:54 pm //

    Ji chang wook is my youth

  10. Chi chi ji // February 8, 2019 at 3:49 pm //

    Ji chang wook is my love

  11. Yang yang,china

  12. Jeon jungkook,korea

  13. Voto po Jungkook de corean BTS

  14. Katherine romero // February 6, 2019 at 11:58 pm //



  16. Jichangwook ever😍

  17. Jichangwook😍😍

  18. Jichangwook for the win😍😍

  19. Vote for jichangwook

  20. Can’t wait to see u on screen my jichangwook

  21. Jichangwook missing u much

  22. Jichangwook God bless you😍

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