WATCH: Z-Girls and Z-Boys Earn Positive Reactions from Vloggers

The multinational idol group Z-Girls and Z-Boys received positive feedbacks from various Vloggers around the world. The consensus: they liked the idea that the members of both groups came from different parts of Asia. They also liked the song, the choreography and the music video (“No Limit” for Z-Boys and “What You Waiting For” for Z-Girls) as a whole.

If you’re not acquainted on how the 2 groups were formed/launched last February, basically it’s a project by Korean company Zenith Media Contents who trained 7 members from 7 different Asian countries (for each group) under the K-pop system. The female group is called Z-Girls and they are composed of Mahiro from Japan, Carlyn from the Philippines, Vanya from Indonesia, Queen from Vietnam, Priyanka from India, Joanne from Taiwan, and Bell from Thailand. The male group is called Z-Boys and they are composed of Perry from Taiwan, Mavin from Indonesia, Roy from Vietnam, Josh from the Philippines, Sid from India, Blink from Thailand (Maknae), and Gai from Japan.

“This is good. This is going on repeat. This is beyond my expectations.” –Caitlyn A on Z-Girls.

“This girl (Carlyn) has really good vocals though.” –Ali OverReacts on Z-Girls.

“This is so good, the choreography is great. I like everything. His voice though (Sid) is ridiculous.” –Alicia from Angelina Eonni88 YouTube channel on Z-Boys.

“I like them, they’re different. They’re like edgy in a different way.” –Erika Justine on Z-Girls.

“Very impressive vocals, very impressive. Her voice (Carlyn) is very good!” –Hallyu Blast on Z-Girls.

“I think it’s quite good. I think it’s obviously fresh, fresh idea, there’s no harm in trying fresh stuff.” –Ali OverReacts on Z-Boys

“It’s a nice surprise, I really like it. I was expecting another just K-pop group you know.” –MC Reacts on Z-Girls.

“They’re so gorgeous! She (Carlyn) has kind of have a Diva voice.” –Emloo on Z-Girls.

“The song is pretty great. I’m not gonna lie.” –GZBKarma on Z-boys.

“The song is really good.” –Caitlyn A

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